Top 5 Web Hosting Billing Management Software to Trust in 2021

Top 5 Web Hosting Billing Management Software to Trust in 2021
A website requires a website hosting platform for its online presence. Web hosting isn’t sold in kilograms, and the billing is actually among the most complex part of web hosting companies.

The billing is so complex, as there are numerous hosting plans, addons, plugins, certificates, and several more additional and optional costs.

Don’t you think calculating everything with a hundred percent accuracy might be bewildering?

Now, these web hosting companies require a billing management system to manage their clients and avoid billing-related errors.

Here, we have mentioned the top 5 billing management software for web hosting companies, which make the job smooth as butter!

In our list, we have various aspects of payment gateway integration, management tools, and a handful of most critical other stats.

What includes in the web hosting billing management software?

Billing management software allows web hosting companies to manage a few core processes such as:

  • Clients sign up to product termination
  • Manage automated billing
  • Product provisioning and management.
  • Integrate payment gateways to accept payments from clients.

Ok. Now, let’s see which are the top 5 web hosting billing management software to trust in 2021?

1. WHMCS – Web Host Manager Complete Solution


License type Pricing What includes
Plus $18.95 Per Month, Excl. VAT.
  • Up to 250 Active Clients
  • Email Support
  • Host on your own server
Professional $29.95 Per Month, Excl. VAT.
  • Up to 500 Active Clients
  • Email Support
  • Host on your own server
Business $44.95 Per Month, Excl. VAT.
  • For over 500 Active Clients
  • Email & Live Chat Support
  • Access to Priority Support*
  • Host on your own server

Refund Policy : 30 Days Money Back policy

WHMCS (web host manager complete solution) is one of the popular and highly reliable web hosting billing management software, and most importantly, an ultra-accurate one.

This open-source billing software has very well-maintained documentation. WHMCS offers a wide range of third-party application integration, local and remote API, and high development kit. Web hosting companies can adjust their changes as per the requirement.

Also, we found its client, product, and invoice management better and versatile than any other competing software.

You, as a merchant, can gather extensive reports for your customers using WHMCS. Clients can have their client area to conveniently manage their accounts.

Features of using WHMCS

  • Automation

Using automation, you can make the client management user-friendly. WHMCS offers complete automation of the product ordering process. The invoice dates get bounced sometimes, and that affects the client-vendor relations in hosting. As WHMCS allows you to configure service renewal notification before the service expires, the “last minute” hassle of payment is eliminated. Companies can send automated invoices in advance of the service due date, and it’s helpful to clients as well (especially in the case of expensive hosting plans).

  • Domain management

Domain management is a critical thing because your client business runs on the domain/website name. Even a minor issue can bring immense harm. Using WHMCS, clients can register, manage, transfer, and renew their domain names for their business, and every time, the process is simple.

  • Integrated help-desk

WHMCS offers an integrated help desk interface that allows customers to make inquiries easily. There won’t be any further desperate inquiries regarding the process and time estimation, as they can also check for the progress of their request. In addition, they can directly submit and view support requests made to their web host.

  • Security

Security is the most critical aspect before considering any billing management system. Inclusion and requirement of bank account-related data in paying web hosting bills make security an utmost priority. WHMCS wins hearts when it comes to security. WHMCS offers automatic bans and security alerts for the repeated login failure attempts, so there will be no invasion of personal data or security breaches. WHMCS ranks high in maintaining a secure environment for company and users’ data.

  • Personalization

Every business needs customization and integration with the existing website. WHMCS offers the best customizable templates that allow simple integration with web hosting websites. You can also customize using CSS as well.



License type Pricing What includes
Owned Branded $250 one-time
  • 1 Year Support & Updates (Renew $39/yr)
  • Re-issue license anytime in the client area
  • Host on your own server
  • Access to all future beta releases
  • Can remove “Powered by Blesta” branding
Owned Unbranded $300 one-time
  • 1 Year Support & Updates (Renew $39/yr)
  • Re-issue license anytime in the client area
  • Host on your own server
  • Access to all future beta releases
  • Can remove “Powered by Blesta” branding
Owned Lifetime $750 one-time
  • Lifetime Support & Updates
  • Re-issue license anytime in the client area
  • Host on your own server
  • Access to all future beta releases
  • Can remove “Powered by Blesta” branding

Refund Policy : 30 Days Money Back policy
Blesta is an open-source and developer-friendly billing platform for hosting providers. Thousands of hosting providers are using Blesta and praising its amazing features. Its designed interface provides a positive, better experience for customers and hosting experts.

You can conveniently integrate Blesta with popular control panels, VPS, and the domain registrar. Moreover, even the non-tech person can easily customize interfaces such as a billing dashboard, client area, etc. After downloading the software, you can start using Blesta within a few minutes, and hardly anything can confuse you. Even your newbie staff will feel full control and convenience.

Features of using Blesta:

  • Client Management

Client management is essential for any web host, and without a billing management system, it can be tedious. Therefore, Blesta offers quickly accessible next-level client profile pages and fast access to the related tasks.

  • Automated Billing

Blesta takes care of all the automated billing management such as invoice generation at service due date, service provisioning, suspensions, billing and payment reminder, etc. You can also set your product invoicing to send to the client’s email address before the service due date so that the date doesn’t skip.

  • Security

Blesta is developed by a decent team of developers with the best track record for security. Anyone can audit the Blesta source code. It offers security against session hijacking and blocks the brute force logins, and does not leak usernames, which is a very big positive.

Blesta uses Bcrypt HMAC SHA-256 hashes for passwords and AES-256 & RSA algorithms for data. It tracks and logs the credit card accesses and changes in the contact information. Other impressive features include two-Factor Authentication (2FA), secures Staff & Client logins.

  • Developer friendly

Being open-source, developers truly love Blesta. It has a powerful extension system, source & developer documentation, and a helpful community that is already ready to help out. Blesta is the most versatile and expandable billing management system available.

  • Responsive Design

In today’s world, the percentage of people using mobile devices to access their product isn’t just higher than ever but is also increasing rapidly. The client area of Blesta is built with a responsive design, making it fit and look perfect with any size screen. Responsive truly looks amazing on mobile devices. Your clients find it easy to manage their client area from whatever device.



License type Pricing What includes
Enterprise $999 one-time
  • 15 Support cases
  • Integration with cPanel, Plesk, DirectAdmin, DigitalOcean, Lightsail, Linode, Vultr, Hetzner Cloud, upCloud, 2019 Theme, +1 Selected SSL Module, PowerDNS, SolusVM, Proxmox, OnApp, Openstack, Cloudstack, vSphere, Virtualizor
Datacenter $1599 one-time
  • Everything in ENTERPRISE
  • 20 support cases
  • + INTEGRATIONS with R1Soft, Ahsay Backup, DCI Manager, Noc-PS, Cacti, Observium, LibreNMS, vCloud Director, Acronis, freeRADIUS
  • Password Manager, Colocation Manager, Inventory Manager, Status Updates, Staff AD/LDAP
All-inclusive $5999 one-time
  • Everything in DATA CENTER, plus
  • 100 support cases
  • INTEGRATIONS with all available included
  • All available included
  • All Paid Client Portals included
  • All Paid Order Pages included
  • Additional license for testing


Refund Policy : 30 Days Money Back policy
HostBill is based in Poland, and around 2000+ companies across the world use HostBill, proving that it’s a dependable choice. It is a popular billing software for the web hosting industry and provides a stable billing, support, automation, and client management solution that’s worth praising. In addition, it offers fast release cycles and regular updates for its software. At Hostbill, you can integrate control panels, apps, order pages, and client portals. Not just that, you also enjoy a reliable 30 days money-back guarantee.

Features of HostBill

  • Client Support & Management

HostBill keeps all your clients’ important information and interactions with clients at one central point, eliminating the hassle and chances of confusion. It keeps your contact organized and allows your support and sales team to display orders, support case status, etc. Even a fresh employee in your support staff won’t feel a little piece of frustration.

In addition, it offers a variety of support tools that are helpful to your support team to manage tickets and client issues from the centralized dashboard, and due to this ease, the productivity of the support staff also increases.

  • Hosting and Domain Automation

Managing web hosting and Domain automation is a critical task. HostBill allows managing hosting and domain service lifecycles starting from signup to termination. It ensures an automatic provision of the client resources on your control panel. HostBill allows domain registration and transfers process easy and quick, and a domain name is linked with the hosting service.

  • Automated Billing

Just like the WHMCS and Blesta, Hostbill also automates all of your billing operations. For example, it offers to generate invoices for client services at scheduled periods eliminating the chances of mishaps of skipping the process. It also sends emails at the given time notifying both your staff and the customers, sending reminders when they require payment, and that solidifies communication.

  • Integrations

HostBill truly wins hearts with its flexibility in integrity. You’re free to integrate over 500 different control panels, domain registrars, payment gateways, client portals, plugins, and order pages. It allows you to jump to the latest markets without any resistance so you can focus on your business. If you’ve got a huge web hosting company, then this flexibility of integrations proves to be a boon.

  • Easy to manage client area

HostBill has designed the customer panel well so they can manage the products and services easily. They also offer self-service support websites from where your clients can find easy solutions for their issues, which means the hours of your support staff will be saved.


Bill Manager

License type Pricing What includes
BILLmanager Enterprise NA
  • All features of BILLmanager Corporate and BILLmanager
  • Platform implementation
  • Adaptation to business task
  • Personal account manager
  • Additional features development
  • Integration with third-party platforms
  • Individual set of management reports
  • Changing the default user path in the client area
  • White label
BILLmanager Corporate NA
  • Support of several business projects
  • Multi-currency support
  • Tariff rates builder
  • Payments acquiring
  • Automatic order and delivery of services:

virtual data centers,

dedicated servers,


shared hosting,

domain names,

SSL certificates

  • Generation of accounting documents
  • Management reports
BILLmanager NA
  • Support of a single business project
  • Tariff rates builder
  • Payments acquiring
  • Automatic order and delivery of services:
    VPS, shared hosting, domain names, SSL certificates
  • Generation of accounting documents
  • Management reports

Refund Policy : Not Available

Billmanager web hosting billing management software was founded in 2004 by ISPsystem, which is a reputed IT company, and it’s based in Russia.

They have been developing and managing the software and IT infrastructure for more than 17 years. They offer a billing platform and a great software reselling program for hosting and IaaS providers.

But who should use Billmanager?

Well, not those are running vast web hosting companies. You can pick any of the #1 or #2 billing software on this list.

Billmanager proves to be perfect for small to enterprise-grade web hosting services. There’s hardly any other highly dependable billing software company that offers such amazing advantages to small companies, and by the way, if you’ve got less than 50 clients, it’s free for you!

Isn’t that amazing? One more thing! There will be no limitation in features. It’s the most startup-friendly billing software out there.

Features of Billmanager

  • Provisioning of web hosting, VPS and dedicated servers

Billmanager allows the integration of various control panels through API integration that automates service provisioning. Hosting providers can set the automation like service creation, manage suspension, and deletion, which highly reduces the effort of your employees.

  • Domains and SSL provisioning

It is compatible with most of the Domain and SSL providers. They have excellent documentation for the integration with help hosting providers start their business in much lesser time.

  • Billing Management

Billmanager allows manual and recurring payments. Clients can make a one-time payment and fix the automated payment pattern as per their requirements. It means that there won’t be a misunderstanding between you and your clients regarding billing and invoices. The recurring payment terms could be monthly, semi-annually, and yearly. Besides that, this software supports invoice management for the products and services for hosting providers.

  • Payment gateway integration

Using Bill manager, you can conveniently integrate popular payment gateway like 2checkout, PayPal, skrill, Alipay, etc. Bringing more ease to your clients and also reaching out more of them. There are very easy steps to add a new payment gateway. You need to sign a contract and after registration, specify the required integration module. If you don’t see the payment gateway integration of your choice, you can use their open API or developer kit to integrate modules, and the process is simple.

  • Customer support module

Providing quality support to your client is essential to maintain customer relationships. Every hosting company has its own knowledge base in most cases, but it can’t comprise everything.

Some queries still remain unsolved, due to which clients require assistance in live chat or a support ticket. Now, chat modules do cost you, but if you use BillManager, you’ll be fortunate.

Yes, you get built-in online chat modules for free

Website visitors can drop the message, and your support engineers can reply to clients’ queries when available. Also, the chat module will save the conversation between the client and your support time, which means there won’t be any confusion whenever a support staff member replaces another one.

Other than live chat, they offer a ticketing system. It is helpful for the client’s query, which requires detailed information to investigate the issue. Clients can attach the screen captures with the ticket and send them to the support team via the customer area. Moreover, all the ticket conversations are accessible from the archive whenever it is required. Again, it kills confusion.

5. WiseCP


WISECP is the next-gen hosting and digital solutions automation platform. A client area, an admin area, and a website interface are all included. It was created for businesses that work in the field of information technology.

With WISECP, all invoicing transactions, accounting (cash, income, expense) records, customer administration, product management, support services, and various other processes quickly and easily.

With the “Only Client Panel” functionality, you can conceal the website interface and use the system solely as a panel. As a result, you can attach a client panel and product purchase links to a different theme or your existing website and automate it.

License type Pricing What includes
Startup $12.90/month
  • Can’t remove “Powered by WISECP”
  • Free support & update
  • There are no limits
  • Host on your own server
Professional $14.90/month
  • Can remove “Powered by WISECP”
  • Free support & update
  • There are no limits
  • Host on your own server

Free License Features:
WISECP offers a 30-day free trial for beginners and those who want to try the system.
The free trial includes every feature of the paid license.
You will also get official support.

Features of WISECP:

  • Web hosting

You can add as many shared servers as you want to the hosting administration system and effortlessly import accounts into the server.

  • Domain management

There are many domain registration companies integrated with WiseCP. Therefore, you can easily sell and manage domain names with the domain management system of WiseCP.

  • Automated servers

Virtual servers can be managed and sold through vmpanel APIs integrated with WiseCP.

  • Software and licensing

The license management system allows you to sell or rent all software, themes, add-ons, and similar products through WISECP.

  • Create unlimited product

WISECP makes it easy to sell products and services in any industry or category.

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