SSD Dedicated Server / Multi Core / High RAM Servers

If you’re searching for data storage which combines faster read/write operation with reliability, the SSD (Solid State Drive) Dedicated server is an excellent choice. AccuWebHosting has started offering SSD based Dedicated Servers.

Why to choose SSD based Dedicated Hosting?

SSD Dedicated Servers are faster because SSD drives are 30 times faster than traditional drives. Compared with conventional electromagnetic hard disk drives, SSDs store data with the same NAND-based memory like a flash drive. SSD can retain data without looking for an external power supply. Also SSDs do not have the spinning parts of electromechanical disks, they are much less likely to get damaged or wear out.

The lifetime of the solid state drive will definitely be greater than any conventional hard disk drive. Moreover, as SSDs use less power compared to electromechanical hard disks, it would not get as hot, this will reduce the heat-related issues of the server.

SSD based Servers can function as a cache in the server or as persistent storage, which allows the SSD server to have essentially an extremely fast scratch disk for frequently accessed data. This high performance storage in the server reduces latency because the server doesn’t have to access data on an external storage array. Because of this, server-based SSDs are high performance direct-attached storage.

The most remarkable benefit of using a SSD Dedicated Server for the data storage is definitely the hardware’s lightning-fast read and write operation. Faster IO/sec rates are incredibly important on the server, in which huge amount of data are constantly and simultaneously being write and read. SSD can boost up IO/sec rate more than 42 times compared to the speed of a standard SAS drive.

Advantages of SSD over Traditional disk

  • Better start-up, as there is no spin-up.
  • Quickly random access through a system with no read/write head.
  • Faster boot as well as application launch with Low read latency times in applications in which hard disk seeks are the restricting factor.
  • Consistent read functionality with no reliance on geographic location.
  • No issues due to file fragmentation.
  • High mechanical reliability.
  • Almost negligible failures in writing/removing data operations.

By combining these high-speed disks with our redundant network, you should have truly competitive edge in the market. With SSD drives, we’ve multi core and high RAM servers are available. Visit AccuWebHosting for plans, pricing and features of SSD Dedicated Hosting.

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