AccuWebHosting Now Offers “SpamExperts” Anti-Spam Protection

We’re pleased to announce “SpamExperts” anti-spam protection solution for our Shared Hosting, VPS Hosting and Cloud Hosting customers. SpamExperts is a powerful anti-spam cloud service that will block almost 99.98% of spam emails reaching your mailbox.

What is SpamExperts?

When we think of Emails, all we can say that Emails are the most important and essential way of communication in today’s corporate world. At the same time, Spams can be considered as most serious threat to web resources.

SpamExperts is an Enterprise class Anti-Spam solution with the most advanced filtering algorithms and spam pattern identification to eliminate 99.98% of Spams reaching to your mailbox. When you have SpamExperts protection on your Inbox, certainly you will feel safe from inbound, unsolicited bulk emails and other related threats. Additionally, SpamExperts will save your time, eliminate wasted disk space and protect your email service from junk emails.

When you are on Internet, you are nowhere safe. Anti-Spam and Anti-virus filtering services are must have for any business or personal websites.

How it Works?/How Are Incoming Emails Filtered?

SpamExperts Incoming Filtering Diagram

Our SpamExperts inbound spam filter is a cloud service with unmatched spam intelligence. Few DNS adjustments to your site and you are good to go with routing your emails from our SpamExpert cloud filters. To activate this service, we will just need to MX records of your domain name and all your incoming emails will start routing through our SpamExperts cloud services. Emails will be filtered by our intelligent algorithms and they will be relayed back to its original destination mail server. Thus your inbox will be protected against Spams, Viruses, phishing and malware. Received emails will be filtered, discarded or quarantined based on the users settings before they reach to your inbox.

How can your Business get benefits of SpamExperts?

Increase of Productivity of your In-house staff

Since SpamExperts would be “sitting” before the email would reach to your Inbox, your employees will no longer deal with daily spam messages. Thus, your employees can save significant amount of time each day. The saved time can be invested in some creative ideas that will certainly boost productivity of your employees. At end of the year, you will get increased ROI in your business.

Prevent Spam and Viruses entering to your Infrastructure

With the Exceptional accuracy of 99.98% in spam and virus detection, you do not have to worry about the newer Spam definitions and latest Virus attacks. SpamExperts updates its unmatched spam intelligence system timely and automatically for latest threat definitions.

Enjoy false-positive rate of less than one in a million

With SpamExperts, you will never lose legitimate Emails(false-positive rate of 0.0001%, or less than one in a million). Thanks to SpamExpert’s 4-tier control panel, every single email can be located through online quarantine or email-reports and can be released with just one click.

Get your network Spam free

SpamExperts protect your network against spam, phishing emails, emails containing viruses, Trojans and other malware. Therefore, SpamExperts will lower down the risk of your employees unknowingly open harmful attachments and fall victim to phishing attacks.

Save your valued Web Resources

SpamExperts is a proprietary self-learning smart technology comes with 24x7x365 monitoring and automatic updates. Let SpamExperts handle your anti-spam system so your in-house IT resources can spend more time dealing with other important tasks. SpamExperts will assure that only relevant emails will enter in your network thus you can save your web resources and reduce load on your network infrastructure. You will no longer need to deal with large amounts of incoming email hence you can save up to 80% of your current hardware resources.

Never loose Single Email/Add redundancy and continuity to your email infrastructure

What if your mail server is down? Do not worry, SpamExpert’s inbound filter will accept your emails and queue them for you. Queued messages will be pushed automatically when destination mail server is reachable again. Whenever you get a chance you can read them via the web-based interface. This feature of SpamExperts will work as another failover layer to your email infrastructure.

Easy to use control panel

The SpamExperts facilitates the end customer with a user-friendly control panel. You can access quarantine, manage blacklists/whitelists, search logs and fully configure the spam filter according to your organization’s needs. You will get full 100% control over your emails.

Looking to integrate Spam Expert on cPanel? Click on cPanel > Configure Spam Expert for more details. To configure Spam Expert on Windows, click on Windows > Configure Spam Expert.

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