Securing your directories with a password

Sometimes its better to protect folder on your account with password. This restricts the visitors to enter their username and password to access certain parts of your website. This can be referred to as a type of “authentication” process.

While using this feature, you need to navigate the directories by clicking the folder icon located next to the name of the directory. Clicking on the name of the directory will select the directory for password protection.

Here are the steps to password protect your directory:

Password Protect a Directory

  1. Select the password protected directory icon from cpanel and than select the directory or the folder you would like to protect.

cPanel password protect directory

Creating a User

Password protected directory set password

  1. In the next step, create a username and a password for your user. Select a name that will appear in the login screen and click on the Save button further activation.
  2. Click Add/Modify authorized user.

Delete a User

To delete password protection for the user:

  1. Select the particular account name in from the list.
  2. After selecting, click the Delete User button to delete the account.

Remove Password Protection

  1. To remove the protection uncheck the password protection of the particular directory.
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