Best and Cheapest Stock Photo Websites (Best Stock Photography)


Best and Cheapest Stock Photo Websites

We all have heard about the proverb – “A picture is worth a thousand words”.

To boost your eCommerce business or make your blog more realistic with high-grade images, you must look for Best Stock photos and not just random searches on Google.

Unfortunately, it is quite not easy to find sites with standard images that boast professionalism.

Luckily, this article will benefit you immensely to find the best websites for quality stock photos.

Best quality stock photos are evaluated on the basis of

  • Plan
  • Prominent features
  • Prices
  • Easy website navigation
  • Attractive website platform
  • Guidelines

Before we opt-in for any site of quality stock photos, it is best to evaluate and skimming its features for better knowledge and further usage.

Best and Cheapest Stock Photo Providers

1) Shutterstock


With Shutterstock, you can turn your magnificent ideas into glaring achievements. Founded in 2003 as a website and known for introducing a photo subscription-based model that has now expanded enormously. They have a collection of millions of images, videos, and other relevant stuff, making it the most preferred website for stock photos, stock music, and stock footage.

Shutterstock Features

  • They provide easy customization that means with each image you download. You can use Shutterstock editor pro and customize it according to your requirements.
  • There are innumerable templates at Shutterstock. You can choose and set it accordingly. With so many innovative and creative design templates, you can save time.
  • Shutterstock has powerful editing features. For example, you can add filters, emojis to your images. In addition, it has various gradient designs that can make your templates look outstanding.

Shutterstock Pricing

  • 10 Images – $29/Mo. (offers one month free trial)
  • 50 Images – $99/Mo.
  • 350 Images – $169/Mo.
  • 750 Images – $199/Mo.

The longer the contract period, the less the cost of the monthly plan and, therefore, cheaper the Images will be. Also all Shutterstock licenses are royalty-free, so you can use the images without any time restrictions.

Overall, Shutterstock is a user-friendly website with high-end stock images along with extravagant quality.

2) istockphoto


istockphoto is the premium website for quality stock images where you will encounter the best collections. istockphoto was established in the year 2000, laying the foundation for microstock photography. Thus, selling stock photographs online and since then, serving the needs of people in the world of photography.

istockphoto Features

  • Images are curated, handpicked and are set most authentically. Best stock photos are clubbed in one library.
  • For pro users and beginners, istockphoto is a feasible website. You can access an enormous collection of images, videos, graphics and audio.
  • Browse for royalty-free images under the most istockphoto flexible plans.

istockphoto Pricing

istockphoto Monthly Plans

  • 10 Images – $2.29/Image
  • 25 Images – $2.29/Image
  • 50 Images – $1.82/Image

istockphoto Yearly Plans

  • 10 Images – $1.48/Image
  • 25 Images – $1.48/Image
  • 50 Images – $1.48/Image

Keeping in view the choices and interests of people, istockphoto has curated affordable plans.

In general, istockphoto is a very useful, all-embracing website to access some of the luxurious photo collections. Get started!!

3) Adobe Stock

Adobe Stock

When it comes to high-quality images and motion graphics, Adobe Stock stands tall. Adobe Stock has a huge collection of stock photos and now has expanded into the world of motion graphics with Motion Graphic Templates.

Adobe Stock Features

  • Searching images with Adobe is super-fast. As a result, you can find appropriate images quickly and easily.
  • If you are looking for amazing templates that you can customize as per your choice, Adobe Stock has motion graphic templates, unlike other websites where you can get no or fewer motion graphic templates.
  • Like all other websites, Adobe Stock regularly updates its templates so that users can have varied choices.

Adobe Stock pricing

  • 10 Standard Assets – $29.99/Mo.
  • 40 Standard Assets – $79.99/Mo.
  • 750 Standard Assets – $199.99/Mo.

Here, standard assets include high-resolution photos, vectors, audio tracks.

To summarize, Adobe Stock is the most preferred website for quality stock images, reliable and well-crafted to fulfill the needs of people.

4) Alamy


Alamy is a great platform to buy stock photos. With over 100,000 new images added to the existing ones sourced from photographers and agencies in 173 countries, Alamy has become one of the finest websites for quality images and a sheer competitor to others.

Alamy Features

  • Alamy is a hassle-free stock photo collection with no subscriptions, credits, and need to register. Start using Alamy at just $16.14
  • Alamy offers royalty-free images under license, for which you have to pay only once and can use images for your essential purpose.
  • You can easily learn stock photography through Alamy, as their stock photo glossary is like lessons for individuals on stock photography.

Alamy Pricing

  • The basic price starts at $16.14. There are two different types of license for stock photography at Alamy:
    • RF (royalty-free) images whose price depends on the file size.
    • RM (rights managed) images whose price depends on what purpose you’re using the image.

5) GettyImages


Founded in 1995, GettyImages is the most versatile website for stock images. They are highly adaptive to new content, empowering thoughts and commercial ideas. The images move the heart, mind and perceptions. Moreover, it is very reliable with its vast storage of stock images that fulfills all your needs.

GettyImages Features

  • A wide array of royalty-free media (photos, videos, audios, vectors) with high-resolution.
  • User-friendly stock photo website with options that you can filter as per your purpose (Creative or Editorial).
  • Advanced options in terms of licensing that include Rights managed and Royalty-free.
  • Massive international presence in different languages.

GettyImages Pricing

GettyImages offers pack options. Pack includes any combination of royalty-free creative photos, videos, illustrators, vectors, and most editorial images but excludes all rights-managed editorial images. Packs never expire.

Small images, Low-res videos

  • Single – $94.22 Per Download
  • 5 Pack – $86.14 Per Download
  • 10 Pack – $80.76 Per Download

Medium images, SD videos

  • Single – $188.40 Per Download
  • 5 Pack – $161.49 Per Download
  • 10 Pack – $154.76 Per Download

Large images, 4K and HD videos

  • Single – $309.53 Per Download
  • 5 Pack – $275.88 Per Download
  • 10 Pack – $262.43 Per Download

Overall, GettyImages are quite expensive as compared to other websites for stock photos. However, it contains many images with exceptional qualities and easy-to-use search options for videos, audio, images, graphics.

6) 123RF


123RF is a reputable stock photo agency established in the year 2005. Affordable royalty-free stock photos that perfectly fit your needs and budgets.

123RF Features

  • Flexible licensing terms enable users to buy stock photos without diminishing its quality.
  • Several advanced technology tools like reverse image options, auto enhance option helps you set and edit images as per your requirements.
  • It includes tens of millions of stock photos and has expanded to include stock footage and stock audio libraries.
  • Chatbot support available if you have any queries to solve.

123RF Pricing

Save money with a cost-effective and high-grade website for stock images. Subscription plan of 123RF is recommended for long-term image usage.

  • 10 Images Pack – $29.99/Mo.
  • 50 Images Pack – $79.99/Mo.
  • 150 Images Pack – $199.99/Mo.
  • 350 Images Pack – $199.99/Mo.

To summarize, 123RF is cost-efficient among all websites for stock photos.

7) Pixta


Pixta was established in 2005 as a Japan-based stock photo agency and launched its English global site in 2013. Experience high-quality images under the user-friendly plan of Pixta Stock.

Pixta Stock Features

  • Pixta stock offers royalty-free images so that once you have purchased a license, you do not need to renew it.
  • The extended license feature of Pixta Stock allows members to use images for multipurpose with one-time licensing. Even there is no limit on printed materials like magazines, books, catalogs, brochures, etc.
  • There is no registration or membership fee at Pixta Stock. In addition, users can download images after you register.
  • There is a Lightbox tool where you can store and manage content that you would likely purchase and easily access from the Pixta Stock website.

Pixta Stock Pricing

Pixta Stock has some of the most relevant price structures that perfectly suit your budget and need.

  • 3 Images – $15/Mo.
  • 10 Images – $29/Mo.
  • 50 Images – $99/Mo.
  • 350 Images – $169/Mo.
  • 750 Images – $199/Mo.

In a nutshell, Pixta is a good source for high-quality images, videos, footage, illustrations.

8) Deposit photos

Deposit photos

Deposit photos have become the fastest-growing microstock photo agency globally, which was established in the year 2009. It has reached 218 plus million files and clients in about 192 countries.

Deposit photos Features

  • New images are added frequently. Thus, offering users a wide array of search options.
  • A new feature called sound effects feature is added to the image option category. Sound effects can boost marketing material.
  • Various tools like crello editor, free image upscaler, free background remover to make your photos, videos look superficial.
  • Timely upgradation of the website for hassle-free functioning
  • The mobile app version of Deposit photos allows people to use it from anywhere by downloading their App from Android or iOS.

Deposit photos Pricing

Deposit photos don’t offer free downloads and a free trial, so you have to purchase a plan to download desired content.

  • 10 Images – $1.30/Image – $13/Mo.
  • 75 Images – $0.92/Image – $69/Mo.
  • 150 Images – $0.66/Image – $99/Mo.
  • 750 Images – $0.27/Image – $199/Mo.

In general, Deposit photos have all-embracing features and a lot more diverse options to explore.

9) Vecteezy


Vecteezy started in the year 2007 specifically focused on free vector graphics and gradually expanded into a creative marketplace with millions of stock photos, videos, vectors.

Vecteezy Features

  • Easy-to-use search option where the user can easily find its desired content.
  • Continuous addition of fresh content to its website, thus expanding manifold.
  • Vecteezy offers customizable templates to all of its users.
  • Huge library of stock photos and free vectors that can be used for commercial and individual purposes.
  • Hassle-free cancellation and 30-days money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with the services and haven’t downloaded more than 5 pro files.

Vecteezy Pricing

Vecteezy offers free and Pro subscription plans which are quite cost-efficient for individuals and business firms.

  • Under its Free subscription plan, you can only have access to millions of free resources just at $10.00 USD.
  • Under its Pro subscription plan, you can have access to
    • Millions of free resources
    • Access to entire library
    • Unlimited photo, video, and vector downloads
    • Full commercial rights
    • Vecteezy editor access
    • No attribution required
    • Priority support
    • Faster downloads and no ads

Pro subscription plan

  • 1 Pro Download – $5 USD
  • 5 Pro Download – $7.50 USD
  • 10 Pro Download – $10 USD

In a nutshell, Vecteezy is a user-friendly website for stock images on an environment-friendly budget.

10) Dreamstime


Established in 2000, Dreamstime has become a large community for royalty-free and stock photography.

Dreamstime Features

  • Dreamstime currently has 172 million stock photos and it also offers 15 images for a free trial.
  • You can sign-up for free and have access to videos, illustrations, audio at Dreamstime.
  • Like every other stock photo website, Dreamstime allows you to become a contributor and earn money by selling images.
  • Easy optimization tools are available and have its mobile web app version accessed from App Store and Google Play.

Dreamstime pricing

Dreamstime has a consolidated pricing structure and the best value of money comes when you buy a subscription.

  • 5 Images – $23.68/Mo.
  • 10 Images – $36.94/Mo.
  • 100 Images – $52.59/Mo.
  • 750 Images – $207.39/Mo.

Dreamstime also offers extended license subscriptions with more exclusive features. The below image shows Dreamstime extended license subscription plan.

Commonly asked Q&A

What is meant by stock photos?

Stock photos are those photos that are clicked by photographers who have ownership and decide parameters for the image’s usage.

What is microstock photography?

Microstock photography refers to the low priced royalty-free stock photo industry. It is economical for all small businesses, especially online businesses.

What are the types of licenses offered by websites having stock photos?

The most common licensing systems offered by stock image websites are –

  • Rights-managed – One-time use of the image for a specific purpose.
  • Royalty-free – Multiple uses of images for multi-purposes and no need to purchase royalty-free licensing after each use.

What is a vector in stock photography?

Vector refers to resizing images without losing the quality and resolution of the image.


It’s a wrap! I hope you have explored the nitty-gritty of stock photography and have also encountered the best websites for quality stock photos.

These amazing websites hold a huge library of images, videos, vectors, graphics, audio to fulfill your requirements. They also have simple in-built tools that help you edit images, videos, etc., as you like.

These websites have purchasing plans that are different from one another, some have high prices per image and some have low. The stock image websites also offer coupon codes and various other flexible plans for you.

What are you wondering? Let’s dive into the world of stock photography!!

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