Best Affiliate Programs to Make Quick Money

Best Affiliate Programs

Affiliate marketing is the Golden Way to generate income by promoting other businesses. Here, you don’t need to own a product or service or even a staff to manage everything. Instead, you can promote other big brands and make a good income (in some cases, without any investment).

The concept of affiliate marketing is pretty simple: you sign up for any affiliate program for a given product or service. Once accepted for it, you can start sharing the marketing materials and links containing a unique URL. Then, a direct commission will land in your pocket whenever someone purchases that service/product using your URL.

As a method of making money online, it certainly sounds easy; but affiliate marketing has several potential complications. For example, the affiliate tracking needs to be accurate and precise so that you get a reward for the sales you generate.

Besides that, you need services/products of actual interest to consumers. While several big brands are highly involved in affiliate marketing, various imposed restrictions may make them less bright and attractive compared to alternatives.

For instance, the time between a particular customer tapping a link and purchasing can be a given number of days (called the cookie period), so affiliate tracking takes that into account will potentially be more supportive to the affiliate marketer in contrast to those that reward just for the instant sales.

You should put your energy behind affiliating with the right business; here, we have added some of the best affiliate program recommendations for you, where you can potentially fill your pockets!

Best Affiliate Programs to Make Quick Money

First, having a dedicated website for affiliate marketing is a must in the current competitive era. If you don’t have a big budget, we recommend hosting plans that cost you significantly less. You can cherish some cheap yet superbly reliable hosting plans HERE; once you make the website, you can start promoting your most suitable affiliate program and making impressive bucks.

Best Affiliate Programs

1. AccuWeb Hosting 6. ClickBank Affiliate
2. ShareASale 7. eBay Affiliate
3. Amazon Associates 8. Rakuten Affiliate
4. CJ Affiliate 9. JVZoo
5. Awin 10. Coursera


1) AccuWeb Hosting


Several Web Hostings providers offer fantastic affiliate programs, but what Accuweb offers will surely surprise you. And that’s the reason it’s topping the list of Best affiliate programs to make quick money. Here is the commission structure related to each hosting plan.


Understanding the commission structure isn’t tough at all. For Shared Hosting, if you get 1 to 10 new signup / Month, you’ll earn $25 USD / Signup. While for 11 to 20 new signup / Month, you gross $40 USD / Signup.

This keeps on increasing, and there is no earning limit. You’ll be entirely amazed to know what you earn for the dedicated server signup commission! For 1 to 10 new signup / Month, you enjoy $100 USD / Signup, which moves up to $200 USD / Signup if you generate 31+ sales! Isn’t that insane?

If you’re serious about affiliate marketing, then you can make much more money than in your previous 9 to 5 job, and you just need to be sincere at marketing. Not just that, Accuweb itself provides you several tips frequently, along with Ready-to-use attractive banners, text ads, and email links to increase referrals, with which you can attract customers and solidify your marketing.

Undoubtedly, Accuweb’s affiliate program isn’t as popular as Amazon, ShareASale, etc., but compared to all those affiliate programs, there’s a hundred times more juice here! You can signup for the AccuWeb Affiliate program with a breeze and start marketing straight away. 

Also, there’s an earning calculator provided on the page, through which you can easily calculate your potential earnings. You’re enjoying an unlimited earning potential here, and the advanced, customized technology guarantees you always enjoy the credit for every referral with an extra-long 90 days of cookie life.

The Affiliate Control Panel is very easy to use, and you can segment the referred traffic. So whether you have strong social media profiles, a YouTube channel, or an email list, you can make insane money, as sharing Accuweb’s affiliate campaigns is very easy.

Things to Know About Accuweb Hosting Affiliate:

  • Niche/product types: Website hosting (Several types included)
  • Cookie period: 90 days (that’s pretty rare to have such a long cookie period)
  • Average commission rate: The chart mentioned up there indicates everything
  • Minimum payout: $200

Accuweb Hosting affiliate pros and cons:


  • Extra-long 90 days of cookie life
  • Referred traffic segmentation and robust tracking system
  • Easy to use affiliate control panel
  • Anti-fraud protection to minimize chargebacks
  • Easy sharing affiliate links
  • Ready-to-use attractive marketing material
  • Amazing support team
  • Selling becomes easy, as their services are already dominating the competitors


  • A few might bother with the minimum payout of $200

2) ShareASale


ShareASale is among the most famous affiliate networks out there.

Whereas Amazon Associates is entirely concentrated on Amazon products, ShareASale houses 4,500+ affiliate programs for merchants, both large & small. From one place, the dashboard of ShareASale, signing up is possible for all these merchants, viewing your statistics, and generating links.

However, you must individually apply to merchants and get approved by each merchant, which is a very standard way for an affiliate network like this. In short, ShareASale is a fantastic option for both physical & digital products.

For instance, on the digital side, you’ll locate plenty of hosting providers, WordPress theme & plugin shops, etc. However, you’ll find plenty of large and small merchants on the physical side. For instance, there’s Sun Basket, NFL Shop, Wayfair, Reebok, and thousands of other large & small businesses.

Usually, no matter what niche your site/blog is based on, you might find some offers that will be worth promoting.

Things to Know About ShareASale:

  • Niche/product types: A small bit of everything, incorporating both physical and digital products
  • Average commission rate: Depends on the given merchant you sign up with and the category of products you’re working with
  • Cookie duration: Depends on the given merchant you sign up with
  • Minimum payout: $50

ShareASale affiliate pros and cons:


  • Thousands of merchants for digital products & physical both, incorporating lots of famous merchants
  • They’ve been around for numerous years and work with multiple big brands, which means they’re trustworthy.
  • Several exclusive merchants, more than 1,000 of the merchants at ShareASale just work with ShareASale
  • It has a bookmarklet that makes generating custom affiliate links easy.


  • The design of the dashboard is a little clunky. However, it’s gotten a lot better.

3) Amazon Associates

Amazon Associates

If you want to promote physical products on your website, Amazon Associates is undoubtedly a great option.

Amazon Associates is undoubtedly a great option to promote physical products on your website.

You can make a multi-niche website, write dedicated articles on the top products, and drive targeted traffic to your website.

It’s a very engaging work, which, of course, needs dedication, time, and effort. However, once you’ve got a nice set of articles, and after they start ranking, you can set a passive income for yourself, which will last long. If you take Amazon Affiliate seriously, it can be incredible full-time work for you.

With Amazon Associates, you can enjoy a commission on almost anything sold at (just a few exceptions are there). In addition, you enjoy a commission on everything new that anyone you refer purchases, no matter if it’s not the exact product you linked to. That makes this program even more valuable and attractive.

For instance, if you link to an $18 handbag, but that person ends up purchasing a $500 refrigerator, you’ll still enjoy a commission! (as long as the item is within the cookie duration. Besides that, the product shouldn’t already be in that buyer’s cart).

Previously, Amazon paid a commission rate per the revenue/sales you drove. That system wasn’t that amazing. So, in 2017, Amazon introduced a flat-rate commission structure. This means you’re paid a flat percentage as per the category that each product falls in.

While a few high-volume affiliates opposed the change, this flip makes Amazon Associates even more attractive for smaller sites because now, there’s no worry about hitting a given amount of sales volume to enjoy a higher commission.

Things to Know About Amazon Associates:

  • Niche/product types: Anything that’s sold on Amazon’s site
  • Average commission rate: falls between 1% to 10% as per the category
  • Cookie duration: 24 hours is the cookie period. However, if someone directly adds your recommended product to his cart, there’s a 90-day cookie. (but just for some products in his cart)
  • Minimum payout: $10 for direct deposit or Amazon gift card

Amazon Associates pros and cons:


  • Very low payout threshold – just $10
  • Universal cookie, permitting you to get credit for everything a person buys within the cookie duration
  • Massive selection of products
  • Amazon is the biggest name in the eCommerce world


  • The universal cookie lasts for nothing over 24 hours
  • Amazon keeps on slashing commissions every so often
  • Some categories, such as video games, have extremely low commissions (1%)
  • Registering for each country separately is needed

4) CJ Affiliate

CJ Affiliate

CJ – earlier known by the lengthier name – Commission Junction – is a great affiliate network that brings together thousands of merchants under a single roof, like ShareASale.

Besides ShareASale, CJ is among the most prominent affiliate networks available, which means you can connect with thousands of small and big merchants. There are more than 3,000 different merchants currently.

A Few of the Big Digital and Physical Companies using CJ are as follows:

  • IHG (Hotels)
  • Overstock
  • Lowes
  • Priceline
  • Office Depot
  • GoPro
  • Grammarly

You’ll find several smaller merchants besides those mentioned above. Similarly to ShareASale, you can apply to these merchants individually from the CJ dashboard. After that, you can generate links and view statistics. CJ’s affiliate dashboard has a somewhat higher learning curve than ShareASale, but it won’t frustrate you.

Things to Know About CJ Affiliates:

  • Niche/product types:  Wide range of niches and both digital and physical products
  • Average commission rate: Depends on the merchant
  • Cookie duration: Depends on the merchant
  • Minimum payout: $100 for check and $50 for direct deposit

CJ pros and cons:


  • It has a deep link generator bookmarklet making it exceptionally easy to generate links.
  • An excellent back-end dashboard helps you to manage your affiliate marketing efforts.
  • A great range of small and big merchants to select from.


  • The dashboard carries some complications when you enter it for the first time, but you’ll love it overall.

5) Awin


Awin, a short rebrand of the real Affiliate Window, is another famous affiliate network that provides you access to more than 13,000 different merchants.

This affiliate platform acquired the platform ShareASale in 2017; however, both are still working as separate entities and have distinctive merchants.

With 13,000+ merchants, you’ll locate numerous alternatives for both physical & digital products at Awin.

Following are some of the notable big names:

  • Etsy
  • XE (money transfer)
  • AliExpress
  • HP
  • StubHub
  • Gymshark
  • Under Armour

You’ll also locate lots of littler merchants around a range of niches. Awin was founded in Germany (Europe). Therefore you’ll find a higher European tilt to the merchant list, though there are also many US and global organizations.

Things to Know About Awin:

  • Niche/product types: With more than 13,000 merchants, you’ll find both digital & physical products for almost every available niche.
  • Minimum payout: $20
  • Average commission rate: Depends on the merchant
  • Cookie duration: Depends on the merchant

Awin pros and cons


  • Numerous merchants to select from
  • Dedicated WordPress plugin to assist you in importing products
  • Low threshold amount ($20)


  • The fee is $5 sign up (however, it’ll be refunded in case you’re approved, but you might lose it if you’re not approved)

6) ClickBank Affiliate


There are numerous helpful tools available for affiliates. Among those tools, one is ClickBank. You can open ClickBank and indicate the product information without even creating an account. It’s an affiliate program that is functional and helps you do better in affiliate marketing. ClickBank is more helpful than just a tool for research.

ClickBank quickly developed into the top retailing website in the industry. This affiliate platform was first introduced in 1998. After its opening, it earned annual sales of around $3 billion. Moreover, with its various products and merchants, ClickBank is an ideal ground for affiliate beginners.

First, you must create an account to become a ClickBank affiliate and gain revenue. Then, provide them with your credentials & payment information. After that, supplementing the essential information, you’re all set! ClickBank will also need you to answer some surveys. Later, they will use these survey results to offer affiliates a better experience.

After signing up as a ClickBank affiliate beginner, quick guides are accessible for you. In addition, you’ll have a comprehensive database resource. This will assist in learning more regarding ClickBank. To locate the products that you want to promote, visit the marketplace. Hence, searching for the products you like to promote will be easy.

You are provided the average commission per sale: a product niche’s breakdown and different merchant links on their websites to promote the products you want. Then, after coming into the product you wish to promote, just tap the “Promote” button on the page, and copy the given URL.

Add this link to the promotions, and you’re all set. You will get the commission whenever a user clicks the link and purchases the product. Additionally, ClickBank provides a higher commission amount than other affiliate programs. Now, look through its Pros & Cons.

ClickBank Affiliate’s Pros & cons:


  • Numerous products to select from
  • Easy link generation
  • Greater commissions
  • Free resources are available for you to study
  • Promotes recurring commissions


  • Spammy products
  • High competition

7) eBay Affiliate

eBay Affiliate

eBay interpretation takes place via the eBay Partner Network. With the help of the tools they provide to affiliates, you can easily promote their products. They can help you with what product you look forward to promoting. On eBay, you’ll work directly with eBay’s product. A strong bond will be created between eBay and you.

You can virtually see Commission growth on eBay. It’s pretty much similar to what Amazon does. Besides that, eBay doesn’t work exclusively for them. Hence, you can be an eBay affiliate and transact business with several programs and merchants to make extra income.

Five minutes are enough to apply as an affiliate on eBay, and the process is simple. It’s among the easiest affiliate application processes, in true words. After signing in to eBay, you’ll need to fill-up the form, providing the corresponding information. Further, you’ll have to search for products, promote the product, and generate an affiliate link for each product.

Here’s the listing of Pros and Cons of eBay affiliates:

eBay affiliate pros and cons:


  • Great commissions range from 40% – 80%
  • Limitless choice of products to promote
  • Easy generation of links
  • Paypal works on the first payment


  • A bit confusing
  • Auctions last longer than affiliate cookies
  • Some consumers prefer to buy new products

eBay is among the most trusted eCommerce sites and is a perfect ground for beginners to enter the affiliate marketing world. It has a friendly tool, such as link generation.

With flexible links, generating revenue by driving is much comfy for any type of content. A high-rewarding and low-risks affiliate marketing platform is waiting for you!

8) Rakuten Affiliate


Businesses penetrating to reach new audiences and encouraging repeat purchases are vital tools in Rakuten Affiliate Marketing. Rakuten Marketing Affiliate is a highly known global affiliate network that allows marketers to get into a customer journey and enables advertisers and publishers to forge connections.

Whether you’re a publisher or an advertiser, Rakuten Marketing Affiliate’s complete and strong all-around strategy is excellent for you. It assures businesses that the publishers and influencers are partnering with are the ultimate best. In addition, this strategy constantly goes under fine-tuning, so both sorts of users can reap full advantage of Rakuten Marketing Affiliate’s max potential.

Businesses can rely on the links they make via Rakuten Marketing Affiliate, which are of excellent quality and can highly support their brand.

The core advantage of Rakuten Marketing Affiliate includes its exceptionally stable functionalities and fantastic customer support. 

Let’s cherish the further benefits that businesses reap from Rakuten Marketing Affiliate:

You can use the Rakuten Marketing Affiliate at any stage of the customer journey of a consumer. For example, businesses can use it to raise their product’s awareness or encourage and engage customers to make repetitive purchases.

With its list of popular influencers, Rakuten Marketing Affiliate proves to be a great help in introducing a brand or product to new audiences and promoting loyalty to it. Also, it’s a fantastic way for advertisers to generate and cultivate valuable connections besides expanding their reach.

They check publisher applications vigorously and rigorously to ensure the perfect maintenance of current quality standards. Furthermore, it monitors accepted affiliates constantly to ensure that the network rules are perfectly followed and permits only top-notch content.

Rakuten Marketing Affiliate users have tools that make marketing less laborious to implement, optimize, and measure. Users can access a data feed that they can further in numerous ways. For example, advertisers can develop feeds to aid their deliverables, while publishers can use them for product comparisons.

Advertisers using Rakuten Marketing Affiliate can expect a committed manager to care for their concerns. Besides that, Rakuten Marketing Affiliate’s account management empowers them to make intelligent marketing moves that support their business growth.

Rakuten affiliate’s pros and cons:


  • Numerous merchants
  • Completely free to use
  • Has amazing resources
  • Fair use


  • Selective and often rejects small affiliates
  • Payments don’t work on Paypal
  • Unfixed payout schedule

9) JVZoo


JVZoo takes a SaaS greet to affiliate marketing.

Product creators are free to list their products in their marketplace without paying anything, and JVZoo enjoys a standard 5% commission on whatever sells – and nothing before that. In addition, as an affiliate, you get instant payments to your PayPal account as soon as the product sells, with no payout threshold.

Besides that, there are chances to generate revenue as affiliates can get a sales cut of whatever affiliates they have recruited, known as the ‘Second Tier Commission.’ Finally, if the referred buyer purchases another product (that wasn’t referred specifically), the affiliate permanently enjoys the commission.

The downside is that payments are made via the PayPal platform only, with no option available supporting direct bank transfers. Besides that, looking at the major selling products, they’re all digital downloads. Being of lower quality could potentially lower the website’s quality. Additionally, the affiliate marketing commissions are taken back if a buyer requests a refund.

JVZoo affiliation pros and cons


  • Offer bonuses for more significant sales and conversion.
  • Affiliate campaign statistics, including visitors, sales, clicks, and conversions
  • 100% commissions on several front-end products.
  • One affiliate link tracks every single sale within a funnel.
  • Provides Sales statistics – including Overall sales, Funnel sales, Conversion rate, EPC, and refunds
  • Promote webinars with your personally customized intro.


  • You must complete the application submission process to the vendor to attain permission to promote their products, and they have the full right to refuse you without explaining a reason.
  • Some of their high-quality products also offer upsells, which buyers may feel dodged because, regarding those upsells, they have not mentioned anything clearly before buying the products. Hence, once again, you must research the product listed in JVZoo before you purchase or promote it.
  • You can find several junk products within JVZoo, which means before you buy products there, or promote them to generate commission, research deeply on them.

10) Coursera


Coursera provides access to online education via partnerships with the world’s most prominent organizations and universities, including Penn, Intel, Stanford, Yale, and Google.

This incredible platform has online courses and degrees in various subjects & specializations, and you can study business, social sciences, personal development, computer and data science, and furthermore. Furthermore, classes are available in numerous languages, and subtitles are also available.

Classes provide homework exercises, projects, discussion forums, and video lectures. Paid courses include shareable completion certificates. Four to six weeks, on average, is the duration of classes. Coursera has an affiliate program, and indeed anyone can join. Rakuten LinkShare affiliate network is where it’s hosted.

Let’s review their advantages, drawbacks, cookie duration, commission rate, and deeper program details. 

Their affiliate landing page is superb. Of course, an affiliate landing page must be informative, and Coursera gets full marks for convenience. 

Coursera pays a vast commission rate of up to 45%. The baseline commission is 10%. Concerning sales attribution, the credit will be provided to the publisher with the last click before the purchase.

This program comprises a 30-day cookie. In the affiliate marketing industry, 30-day cookies are considered standard. However, 60+ days would be more advantageous, but let’s not be greedy.

The payout threshold is pretty low. Affiliate networks generally have $50 as the minimum commission threshold. Once you meet that amount limit, you’ll get your commissions in the upcoming payment cycle.

Coursera affiliation pros and cons:


  • Low payout threshold: $50
  • Cost per action (CPA): Cost per sale
  • Commission type: Single payment, nonrecurring
  • Commission rate: 10% to 45%
  • Cookie duration: 30 days
  • Affiliate Network: Rakuten Advertising


  • Can you imagine waking up to a 45% commission on someone purchasing a $20,000 degree? Well, come out of the dream. But don’t bother because MasterTrack certificates and degrees are unqualified for sales commissions.
  • The unfortunate thing is that Coursera limits qualified transactions to specializations and courses. So, naturally, it would have been more advantageous if everything on its site was counted as eligible for sales commissions.

What is an Affiliate Program?

An affiliate program is nothing but an agreement following that the brand pays an influencer or blogger “the affiliate” a payment “commission” for forwarding traffic and sales their way.

Firstly, you must apply to the affiliate program and be patient for your account to be permitted. Organizations have different acceptance criteria, such as the monthly views/traffic on your site/blog, the number of YouTube subscribers, social media followers, etc.

Once you get chosen in the affiliate program, you’ll be provided a unique link by the merchant, mainly referred to as an “affiliate link.” In other words, this affiliate link is trackable using cookies, and it’s actually what permits the merchant to locate how many sales you grabbed their way so they can later pay you the commission accordingly.

Types of Affiliate Programs:

If promoting your products & services is your destination, some affiliate programs are worth considering. When selecting an affiliate program, you’ll need to remember the avenues or platforms your traffic spends the majority of its time.

For instance, does your target audience frequently scroll Facebook, read blog posts, or use search engines while researching fresh products? Alternatively, is your purchaser persona someone who’s every time looking for a great deal and would appreciate the link on a coupon website?

Or are they highly interested in doing a ton of research before buying, making your promotion efforts highly worthwhile on a review website? Those are questions that you must consider before joining an affiliate program for yourself in the future.

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