Benefits of Hosting Your Magento E-Commerce Store on SSD VPS Servers

Magento is a leading e-commerce software platform that boasts scalability, a sophisticated content management system, and more. VPS systems are beneficial, as well. For instance, they provide maximum uptime, superior flexibility, optimal security, and stellar performance. These features combined create an ideal virtual space to conduct business, especially for small and mid-sized businesses.

What is Magento?

Magento eCommerce StoreMagento is the biggest name in e-commerce today, owned by and integrated seamlessly into eBay. With numerous features, this open-source software platform offers enormous flexibility over the content, functionality, and overall appearance of their online stores. The interface of Magento is easy to navigate, and contains all the tools for marketing, content management, and merchandising that e-commerce store owners need.

With in-depth marketing tools, such as rule-based promotions, integrated marketing for email and newsletters, and content targeted specifically for customers, Magento is the ideal platform for e-commerce. There are numerous other advantages, including high security through strong data encryption, as well as excellent search and performance capabilities.

Magento is also friendly to customers, because it helps store owners identify key customer segments and tailor their marketing to them. It also opens up comments for product ratings and reviews and can integrate programs such as loyalty rewards or point systems. Magento is the best choice for e-commerce, but it’s important to make sure you’re hosting it in the right place.

What is VPS?

What is SSD VPS?The acronym VPS stands for “Virtual Private Server.” A VPS is a virtualized server that mimics both dedicated hosting and shared hosting environments, but is functionally distinct from these aspects. Dedicated hosting is when businesses rent an entire server to accommodate enormous amounts of website traffic. Small businesses, however, usually do not require this much server power, and often opt for a shared server. A shared server is when your business website shares part of its server with other online users.

Each of these two options has its problems. A dedicated server provides an enormous amount of power, but at a very high cost. On the other hand, a shared server is a more affordable option, but does not offer the same amount of performance and security a dedicated server might have.

A VPS boasts the best of both worlds. This kind of cloud hosting offers huge benefits in privacy, customization, resources, and control. Your business e-commerce site will not have to share any of its data with other websites, meaning others will not have a way in to your data or files, improving security.

In addition, a VPS server gives you access to your own OS. At AccuWebHosting, we offer powerful SSD VPS options for Linux and Windows. Our Linux VPS is fully managed and offers some of the fastest performance on the market.

What is Linux?

Linux is one of the most ideal operating systems for SSD VPS, especially for e-commerce sites through Magento. But what exactly is Linux? More than just an operating system, Linux is one of the most powerful systems online. This system is behind enormous online endeavors, such as the New York Stock Exchange. Linux was developed collaboratively, with each contributor sharing part of the development and research costs, resulting in one of the most innovative systems available.

Linux is an ideal operating system for VPS cloud hosting from AccuWebHosting. It’s a full server solution offering flexibility and control over the server, with complete access to a server control panel. Linux provides customizability and AccuWebHosting generates all the necessary support.

Benefits of Linux SSD VPS Servers from AccuWebHosting

Linux SSD VPS servers provide a number of advantages. They offer full control over server applications, and you can restart or customize your system at any time. While cloud hosting is technically shared with other servers, the amount of individual support means that anything you do to your server will not affect other servers in the network – and vice versa. The advantage here is a combination of safety, security, and high personalization. With a personalized server, you have dedicated amounts of RAM available at any time. No one else can utilize this memory because they do not share the server with you.

Magento offers endless ways to create, build, and rebuild your online store. With a scalable platform that can grow as your business does, you have numerous ways to customize your store. Magento also offers over one thousand extensions that are easy to integrate into your e-commerce site. Any business’ store can offer advantages for consumers such as fast checkout, easy social media login, gift card options, and customized SEO options from Magento.

Like Magento, VPS options from AccuWebHosting are also scalable. Your e-commerce site can start out with the minimum necessary features through VPS, and grow these options as your site continues to progress. Unlike a dedicated server, business owners do not have to pay for excessive VPS features they have not yet grown into, making VPS a favorable option for small businesses.

VPS is also ideal for Magento because it offers excellent control of the server – as much as with a dedicated hosting plan, but at a fraction of the cost. VPS from AccuWebHosting also offers endless customer support. The staff at AccuWebHosting consists of Linux server experts who resolve issues quickly, efficiently, and fully for both Windows and Linux server environments.

The SSD VPS system for Magento e-commerce stores offers ways to enhance RAM, vCPU, SSD storage, and more. For small business e-commerce sites that will require more muscle and security as they grow, VPS is advantageous.

Following video shows how to install Magento from Softaculous :


What it ultimately comes down to is customer experience. Magento’s advantages make this platform the best on the market for visitors’ ease of use. VPS supports this platform by allowing it to run quickly and efficiently, improving visitors’ experience and generating more leads, conversions, and ultimately improving SEO. Contact AccuWebHosting to learn more about how your business can take advantage of everything SSD VPS cloud hosting has to offer. Get started with VPS today for your e-commerce website to see a highly personalized difference

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