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As part of our ongoing efforts to offer our customers the exceptional web hosting experience, we have partnered with the CloudFlare. CloudFlare services are now included in all AccuWebHosting Linux shared plans, and you can activate it easily right from your control panel (cPanel).

What is CloudFlare?

If you haven’t heard about the CloudFlare before, CloudFlare is the transparent service layer of the CDN (Content Delivery Network) and distributed DNS (Domain Name Server), that acts as a reverse proxy between your website visitors and AccuWebHosting servers.

Furthermore, it caches your web content and filters out the malicious traffic before it reaches to hosting server, improving the security, speed and overall performance of your website.

How CloudFlare increases the speed of a website?

CloudFlare owns 76 data centers around the world at most strategic geographical locations. Once you activate the CloudFlare services, your website traffic will begin routing through the global network of CloudFlare. So when your website traffic passes through the CloudFlare data centers, an intelligent mechanism of CloudFlare distinguishes the static and dynamic content of your website.

CloudFlare Network
Image Source – CloudFlare

All static assets are cached on CloudFlare’s geographically distributed servers for some time. Thus, a static portion of your website will be automatically moved to the nearest location of your visitors, and hence the overall performance of your website will improve significantly.

If you’ve noticed, most of the bandwidth of your hosting account is utilized in serving the static contents (Images, Javascript, CSS, Flash files, etc.). When this static content is served by the CloudFlare’s intelligent caching, you will save a lot of bandwidth. It will also save more resources for your web application by decreasing the load on AccuWebHosting servers, so your web applications will run faster and more efficiently.

Altogether, CloudFlare users will save 60% of their bandwidth and send 65% fewer requests to web hosting servers, which means improved page load time, higher visitor engagement and excellent user experience.

How CloudFlare increases the security of a website?

CloudFlare adds an additional security layer to existing web hosting service. It protects your websites from threats such as DDoS (Distributed Denial Of Service) attacks, limits the impact of abusive bots and ensures only legit traffic gets through the network.

When your website traffic passes through the global CloudFlare network, it analyzes the traffic pattern of billions of visitors in real time and filters out unwanted traffic like crawlers, spiders, malicious traffic, bots and other resource-draining requests.

CloudFlare Security

Additionally, your website will be equipped with handy security features including, hotlink protection, country-based IP blocking and email harvesting protection. Apart from the security and page load speed features, you will also be provided with the detailed statistics of the website traffic in cPanel.

How to activate the CloudFlare services?

We offer core CloudFlare services at no cost with all our Linux shared plans. We have integrated the CloudFlare with your existing cPanel account. To enable it, just look for the CloudFlare icon in your cPanel account, choose the domain you want to enable, and click the orange cloud. That’s all.

CloudFlare cPanel Setup

CloudFlare cPanel Setup

To get the detailed guide on activating the CloudFlare from cPanel, refer to this knowledgebase article.

If you need our assistance to setup the CloudFlare, just reach out to us by submitting a support ticket from Client Area or you can send us a support request at [email protected].

If you want to take advantage of CloudFlare’s advanced features, you can purchase their premium services (CloudFlare Pro) at $20/month and $5 per month for each additional domain using the Pro service. The CloudFlare Pro includes all of the free services including advanced features like SSL, web application firewall and much more.

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