Accuwebhosting Announces SSD Windows VPS on Indian Datacenter


Still in search for the fastest SSD windows server in India? The wait is no longer. Our Indian customers eagerly waited so long for SSD storage based VPS hosting service on Indian Datacenter and that patience has been finally paid off. I’m really pleased to tell you that AccuWebHosting launched new hosting plans with ultra-fast SSD storage on Indian Datacenter. You will definitely amaze by the performance of ultra-fast SSD storage of Windows VPS on Indian Datacenter.

Many of you may have doubt about SSD storage that “Does purchase SSD storage based hosting is really cost-effective and boost your website performance? ” Of Course it does! That’s the reason behind this blog post.

In this article, we are going to discuss how SSD storage based hosting really helps to boost website/high-performance software performance and what Accuwebhosting has launched.

Why It’s Time to Invest in SSD VPS Hosting Service?

Today, In Web Hosting Industry there are many types of hosting plans available for web hosting services. For you, It’s important to consider the major factor while choosing the best hosting service. Storage performance is the major factor that you need to give attention. Many customers still prefer the traditional HDD storage based hosting service over SSD storage based hosting service because of its price. Although SSD storage a bit of expensive than HDD, SSD has many more benefits than HDD storage which significantly boosts your website performance/ high-performance software ultimately the business. Check out the comparison between SSD drives vs HDD drives.

Below, I have explained the most of the features why you should prefer SSD based VPS.

Top INDIAN SSD Windows VPS Features

Faster Response Time

SSD drive has more read/write speed than HDD drive. That means on SSD based server you will get high response time for your website than the traditional HDD. They are much faster than the HDD. Your website will load faster. It ultimately improves Google’s ranking, user experience and it can handle more traffic.

Better Data Security

The crucial factor in website hosting is data security and its reliability. In traditional HDD, there are moving mechanical parts which caused more risk to failure. However, SSD has no moving mechanical part, data stores digitally on a flash memory chip. Also, SSD produces less heat than HDD because of less power consumption, no friction between mechanical parts. Therefore, SSD has very less risk of failure causes them more durable than traditional HDD.


If you are in Forex Trading business or you are in search for high -performance VPS to handle complex database queries for your website, then you really need to look in for SSD based VPS hosting.
Because SSD really doesn’t require defragmentation and data is stored in interconnected flash memory chips. Hence It has more read/write speed than HDD which is required to handle complex database operation. That’s how user experience for your website will improve which will be caused to improve Website ranking in Google Search Ranking. If you are in Forex Trading Business then SSD based VPS will be the perfect choice for you. SSD drives can handle those forex terminals smoothly more than ever.

Indian SSD Windows VPS Plans
ssd windows vps

Our SSD VPS is better in every way to fulfill your needs beyond expectations. We do also provide fully managed service inclusive in its prices. That means we will provide 24×7 full support for every concern about your hosting service, you just need to relax and enjoy.

The base plan starts at $27.00/mo, however, you can take advantage of the first year discount of 56% and you can only get it within $12.00/mo. Also, you need to choose the data center India while selecting your components of a control panel, SQL etc.

So have you decided to choose SSD VPS hosting service or not? click on the following button and check out our wide range SSD hosting packages.

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