5 Reasons to Use Windows VPS in Forex Trading

Forex Trading refers to the exchange of different currencies, and there’s high potential in this business of making good money. Due to the time-sensitive nature of the Foreign Exchange, Forex traders need reliable, secure, and fast internet service in order to successfully and continuously trade.

Continuity is crucial in Forex trade, and if your Forex VPS Hosting plan is bringing you ISP connectivity issues and other challenges, then certainly it hinders your trade’s growth.

A remote VPS server allows you to work from your trading account from anywhere at any time. Most importantly, these cost lower than you expect.

Firstly we need to cherish the advantages and considerations of a Forex VPS Hosting plan, and further, we’ll go in detail concerning what’s Forex trade, how to run it, what can be the potential risks, and some golden tips are there as well.

Shall we explore?

What is Forex trading and how does it work?

forex vps hosting

In Forex, the network of buyers and sellers transfer currency among each other at a granting price. This is the way by which individual traders, central banks, companies, etc. convert one currency into another. In case you’re traveled to any foreign nation, then most probably you’ve made a Forex transaction.

A part of foreign exchange is carried on for practical purposes, while most of the time, currency conversion is done targeting earning a profit. Sometimes, the price movements of some currencies go extremely volatile due to the high amount of currency converted every day. That’s what attracts traders to try their hand in Forex. Yes, the risk is there, but you can attain high profits as well.

You need good enough control over your server so that the technicalities don’t trouble your trade. Let’s know what server should you choose.

What Is a VPS Server, and How Does It Help Forex Trading?

 forex vps hosting

A virtual private server (VPS) is located on the same computer as several other servers, but they are all independent of one another. This enables the user to install any operating system and to reboot it or make changes at whim.

In short, it allows the owner to complete and fully secure control – as though it was the only system on that particular server. The server will offer a specific amount of RAM, space, and transfers every month, making it flexible and convenient.

If you are planning to trade 24×7 completely online, this will usually overwhelm a local hardware computer. You will surely face internet issues, power failures, hardware faults, etc.

That’s where a VPS server proves to be a hero!

If you use Windows VPS for Forex trading, then there are a whole lot of things you don’t need to bother about. The core reason behind why you should buy Forex VPS hosting is to ensure 24-hour facility trading besides low cost. Most importantly, you can use this software from wherever you want.

Not just that, you also enjoy pre-installed Forex trading software, for example, MT4, MT5, Meta Traders, etc. You can use software for deeply analyzing live streaming, charts, pricing, as well as manage the trading accounts with XYZ brokers. So, getting the best Forex VPS brings tons of conveniences.

Why find best Forex VPS location for your Broker: Core reasons

Forex with VPS hosting is specialized because it allows traders to keep operations in action at all times – without exhausting their own personal computers.

Therefore, downtime due to power outages or connectivity problems is irrelevant. This can be quite a relief because, frankly, money is at stake. There is no risk of financial loss due to an unexpected update or a wind storm. Furthermore, because Forex VPS is always online, it can update and reboot outside of the trading week.

So, if everything is fine, then Why to Find Optimal Forex VPS location for your Broker?

There are two main reasons – Ping and Latency! Let’s explain one by one:

Importance of PING in Forex VPS Hosting

Ping can be described as the rate of data exchange between two individual computers on the networks. Generally, we measure ping in milliseconds. Having minimum ping should be the target, as lesser the ping, better and faster the communication.

With Accuweb Hosting’s Forex VPS hosting plans, you need not bother ping at all! We’ve deeply considered this factor’s importance in Forex trade. We offer a minimum ping to guarantee the rapid execution of your Forex order. Your transactions will take place pretty fast! Besides that, you attain full comfort while live tracking of the Forex market, investments, charts, and so on.

Even with a cheap Forex VPS, you can get good enough ping, while some expensive plans fail here! That’s a fact!

Importance of LATENCY in Forex VPS Hosting

In Forex Trading, the signal is sent from your trading platform, which your broker receives, and responses to. The time consumed in this process is what we call latency in Forex trading. Many times several Forex VPS hosting plans have enough to offer at low costs, but latency is the factor where they face defeat!

Don’t fall in the pit, and high latency can bring huge disadvantages, and you miss out on the possibilities of making good money! We ensure fast execution speed and deliver ultra-low latency for the smooth execution of your Forex trade. even if you’re grabbing the best Forex VPS hosting plan, and the latency is not good, the plan is actually not worth!

We expanded on the importance of latency in Forex trade later in this article.

Check the LATENCY at your location HERE.

Why use Windows VPS for Forex Trading: Reasons, that open your eyes!

forex vps hosting

When connected via Windows VPS, users will see a basic Windows screen, just like those found on most PCs. It can be used just like any Windows-based computer and with any browser.

There is a myriad of reasons to use Windows VPS for Forex trading. Here are the most considerable ones:

It’s automated

The VPS is always active and functioning. Therefore, even if there is a power outage, an emergency, or even something as simple as a family function, a business can continue as usual. There is no need for the user to perpetually monitor Forex to make money from it.

It’s secure

Windows VPS systems are trustworthy and safe. The servers are scanned regularly to ensure proper functioning, and antivirus and malware tools are utilized to ensure protection from any virtual threats.

Regardless, it is always advisable to backup all data. Most hosting companies will offer this service, but individual users may opt to err on the side of caution and conduct personal backups as well. With Accuweb Hosting’s Forex VPS plans, security is never a concern!

Stay Online all the time

If you’ve got a Forex VPS plan, the loss related to internet disruptions and power outages is zero. Doesn’t that bring great relief?

Accuweb Hosting helps to organize Expert Advisors (EAs) on your dedicated server, which run 24/7, independent from your own electronic devices. We use high-end technology ring seamless trading experiences. Our VPS hosting for MT4 and MT5 permit Forex traders to operate automated algorithmic strategies with absolutely no concern regarding downtime ruining your trades.

Flexibility of remote access

You certainly aren’t going to stick to your working desk for the execution of your Forex trade. Won’t you like to execute it via your laptop sitting in a cafe, or garden? How cool would it be to execute using your smartphone? Well, VPS hosting allows you all that!

There is no need for the user to be confined to the home or office. You can conveniently access the server from mobile, tab, laptop, etc. devices. Conversely, a broker may not offer an online platform or even care for mobile trading at all.

In such cases, you, as a Forex trader can still access his or her VPS to do business from any location with Wi-Fi. Or perhaps they might be backpacking in a remote jungle, clearly without internet access. Your trading will continue anyway.

It’s sensitive to slippage

It’s no secret that Forex trading is a time-sensitive matter. A VPS can conduct business faster than a personal computer, resulting in less delay. This is especially helpful if you opt not to employ automated trading or prefer to place entries manually. In such contexts, time is particularly valuable, and even the slightest bit of slippage can result in substantial loss.

This is a shortlist in comparison to the multitude of other benefits you gain from Forex trading with Windows VPS. Another situation in which the VPS is helpful pertains to multiple trading accounts with multiple brokers – it takes multitasking to a new level by making them all accessible without overloading a PC, laptop, or another device.

A VPS also comes in handy if there is an expert advisor demo to test by running it continuously, or if there is an actual expert advisor that requires this type of constancy – which is entirely possible. These benefits, as well as the literal profits, can far outweigh the cost of the VPS (which, by the way, may also decrease electricity bills as a result of less PC running time).

How to set up Forex VPS

VPS can be a pricey service, so it is appropriate – and advisable – to inquire about specific resources and packages that might be available. Based on the specific services and the quality of the servers, packages can cost as low as $10 and as much as $99 per month.

The vast majority come equipped with instant setup, thorough monitoring, and support available at any time of the day or night.

But what all is required in the set up of a Forex VPS?

We’ll demonstrate the whole process. Shall we begin with the necessities?

What are the requirements?

  • Your main device of forex trading, for example, desktop or laptop
  • Your remote device is required (e.g., tablet, laptop, or smartphone)
  • Access to the router of your home or work
  • Dynamic DNS account

1) Sign up for the dynamic DNS account

Before getting overwhelmed by this geek-speak, let’s first quickly know about dynamic DNS. It permits you to make IP addresses that are easy-to-remember and use for accessing your workstation rather than memorizing numerous numbers. Consider it like coming up with a customized number of telephone vs. digits set.

NO-IP provides a free dynamic DNS service, which permits you to access your desktop from any device having an internet connection. Just follow the steps for activating your account and for setting one up, and this DNS service must automatically link to your hostname and your current IP address.

2) Configuring your router

Most importantly, you must configure your router for providing you remote access from your tablet/laptop. No requirement to panic for those people who aren’t tech-savvy. Getting help from others to configure your router can be a good idea. There are guides available too on configuring a router.

For beginners, you’ll need to identify the default gateway IP address in your workplace or home’s network that must give you access to the settings of your router. The port-forwarding tools are frequently found under the Security section:

  • Internal port: 8080
  • External port: 8080
  • Protocol: Choose “both” for permitting access from either UDP or TCP devices
  • Device IP: Enter your remote device’s internal IP address

3) Enabling the Remote Desktop Connection

In case you’re using Windows as the main Forex trading terminal, remember to permit the Remote Desktop Connection (RDC), which will permit you to be accessed from a different device.

For doing this, open your Control Panel of your device, then tap on “System and Services or Maintenance.” After that, tap on “System” again then “Remote Settings.” Choose the option “Allow users from connecting remotely to this desktop” under the “Remote Desktop panel.”

4) Install the essential programs on your remote device

It Depends on which Dynamic DNS service you’re utilizing; it normally arrives with a program or application, which is required to install on your main desktop & remote device from which you can access your Forex workstation easily. Simply enter your username & password from your main device when prompted. Done!

Alternatively, you can also check out programs such as TeamViewer, LogMeIn, and AnyDesk, however, these remote access services might come at a cost when the trial period ends or in case adding more cool features is what you want.

No worries, our experts are at your service!

So, you’ve acquired the best Forex VPS plan, but you’re concerned regarding the setup, right?

Yes, the process of setting up Forex VPS might be tough for a few, but no worries. Once you provide us some details regarding your broker, requirements, etc. Our experts will carry the whole process for you, no matter you acquire one among the cheap Forex VPS (cheap just by price, nothing else) on our page.

How Does VPS Improve Stability of your Foreign Exchange Business?

First of all, the basic requirements of Forex trading require a strong network connection that will not crash while your Forex trading is going on. Server crash in the middle of trade, especially when transactions are going on, cause heavy frustration.

The VPS provides a stable connection in Forex hosting. You can then test your connection around the clock. At present, Forex hosting providers include uptime percentages for exploring more. This means the servers are being monitored live. When live, this requires a strong connection to the network.

A normal or slow network will heavily impact your trade. You might miss upcoming opportunities to improve your Forex business. So, anything “slow” int he Forex trade isn’t acceptable.

How affordable is Forex VPS hosting?

If you’re not in favor of acquiring a Forex VPS hosting, and looking for any other plan, considering that the cost can be lower for you, then let’s explain something here.

Here’s the pricing chart, and we’re 110% sure that you’ll be joyous!

Forex VPS 1 Forex VPS 2 Forex VPS 3 Forex VPS 4
$9.99 /mo $19.99/mo $31.99 /mo $59.99 /mo


If you are using a computer hardware system for Forex trading purposes, it is not possible to maintain a consistently strong internet connection, uptime, and ideal performance. If you are still managing a regular hardware system, this can become costly.

The price only includes electricity, internet, hardware failures expenses. Not only that, but the quality will most likely be poor.

So, is Forex VPS hosting proving to be better value now?

The price range here is really enormous, but it’s not like if you’re paying high for any Forex VPS hosting, you’ll get all comforts. You should consider the “value for the money” factor. Most importantly, try out something that comes with a money return guarantee.

Talking about Accuweb Hosting’s plans for Forex VPS, you’ve got all conveniences at costs that never bother you considering the offerings.

If you’re looking for a highly reliable and cheap Forex VPS, then our basic plan is available at $12, while the biggest one costs you $383.99. The golden fact is, all plans prove to do justice to your money.

Check out our most affordable plans:

Forex VPS 1 @ $9.99 /mo Forex VPS 2 @ $19.99/mo
1-4 Terminals 5-6 Terminals
WINDOWS 2012 OS – LICENSED Windows 2019 / 2016 / 2012 OS – Licensed
2 vCPU Cores 3 vCPU Cores
35 GB RAID6 SSD Storage 40 GB RAID6 SSD Storage
1 GB Guaranteed RAM 2 GB Guaranteed RAM
250 GB Bandwidth 450 GB Bandwidth
Weekly Backups Weekly Backups
Purchase Addon Purchase Addon
Fully Managed VPS Fully Managed VPS
Easy Upgrades Easy Upgrades
1 IP Address 1 IP Address
All Trading Platforms All Trading Platforms
Compatible with All Operating Systems Compatible with All Operating Systems
7 Days Money Back Guarantee 7 Days Money Back Guarantee
24×7 VPS Monitoring 24×7 VPS Monitoring


How Does VPS Impact Transactions and Uncommon Latency?

We discussed a bit about latency up there, but now, let’s go deeper. In Forex trading, the trading depends on the data, which can be moved from a source to a destination server while the trader is connected with the broker, on a single platform.

When making transactions while dealing with the desk of a broker or to the Forex exchange market, the trader’s workstation is impacted relating to the broker’s workstation.

If the latency distance is not farther between the trader and the broker, the data can travel faster through the network connection. Because the pricing in the Forex market can be changed in milliseconds, the latency and speed can be impacted here. You might also call this a data streaming process.

So, latency is a top consideration, and guess what, you can check the same on Accuweb Hosting’s Forex VPS hosting page. you’ve got the choice of selecting your broker, and check the latency for numerous locations across the globe.

What’s for the Forex geeks?

Is your Forex trade right at the top? Congrats, but maintaining the pace of development is difficult. We’ve got some super tremendous plans:

Forex VPS 3 @ $31.99 /mo Forex VPS 4 @ $59.99 /mo
7-8 Terminals 8+ Terminals
Windows 2019 / 2016 / 2012

OS – Licensed

Windows 2019 / 2016 / 2012

OS – Licensed

45 GB SSD Storage 60 GB SSD Storage
750 GB Bandwidth 1 TB Bandwidth
4GB Guaranteed RAM 8GB Guaranteed RAM
4 vCPU Cores 4 vCPU Cores
CDP Backup (ADDON) CDP Backup (ADDON)
Fully Performant VPS Fully Performant VPS
Fully Managed VPS Fully Managed VPS
All Trading Platforms All Trading Platforms
Easy Upgrades Easy Upgrades
1 IP Address 1 IP Address
Compatible with All Operating Systems Compatible with All Operating Systems
24×7 VPS Monitoring 24×7 VPS Monitoring
7 Days Money Back Guarantee 7 Days Money Back Guarantee


How Do You Choose a Forex Host?

That’s a big question, though!

Well, there are a few considerations. You know much after reading the offerings and features of any specific Forex VPS hosting plan, but you can’t know everything about the host, and the way they assist their clients, right? Just follow the upcoming points, and evaluate your selected host on the following basis.

  • To choose the right Forex VPS hosting provider, you need to consider hosting provider reviews.
  • Inquire regarding important components such as how the provider issues support, its server uptime guarantee, client satisfaction, data centers, and other related services, etc.
  • Choose the specialized, dedicated hosting providers by seeing how aware they are regarding the unique and especially required services for trading, such as availability of automated trading applications, expert advisers, and more.
  • They should have a special environment with Forex hosting is included as well. The environment includes the virtual network with 100% uptime, unbreakable network connection, ultra-fast SSD storage, and a secure platform.
  • Their VPS page should have clear cut mentioning of the features, pricing, etc., with no hidden terms/conditions.
Key Features AccuWeb Hosting ForexVPS Trading FXVPS FXVM Commercial Network Services Key Features
Price per month $ 9.99 $ 30 $ 25 $ 19 $ 33 Price per month
Terminals supported with basic plan 1-4 Terminals 3-4 Terminals 1-5 Terminals 1-2 Terminals 9-10 Terminals Terminals supported with basic plan
RAM 1 GB 2 GB 2 GB 1.5 GB 2.56 GB RAM
vCPU 2 vCPU 1 vCPU 1 vCPU 1 vCPU 1 vCPU vCPU
Storage space 35 GB 60 GB 30 GB 40 GB 30 GB Storage space
Pre-installed trading app On request (Without additional fees) On request (with additional fees) Yes On request (with additional fees) No Pre-installed trading app
Live chat Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Live chat


Here are all the locations where we provide the Forex VPS Hosting:

Denver, CO, USA London, UK NewYork, USA
N. Virginia, USA Ohio, USA Oregon, USA
Mumbai, India Seoul, South Korea Singapore
Sydney, Australia Tokyo, Japan Montreal, Canada
Frankfurt, Germany Dublin, Ireland Paris, France
JHB, South Africa Stockholm, Sweden


5 Reasons to Use Windows VPS in Forex Trading: The Conclusion

So, it’s not just the belief that Windows VPS is the ultimate choice for Forex trading, but it’s a strong reality. We’ve done massive scale testing before hitting this conclusion.

We’ve taken care of every single perspective that can hinder your Forex trade, and we eliminate the hassle of the VPS set up as well. So, with all our plans, you are free to put your 100% concentration on your Forex trade strategies and execution and not bother even a bit regarding ping, latency, speed, security, etc.!

Most importantly, the costs are so low, that the competitors stay at the bay when it comes to comparing the pricing, and most importantly, not a single bit of thing is compromised.

AccuWebHosting offers high-quality Forex VPS hosting services. Because our solutions are customized and tailored to the needs of a specific business, we can guarantee exceptional performance in yours.

Don’t hesitate to tap HERE!

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