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Simplifying ListBox Controls for ASP.NET

Simplifying things, especially in web designing adds to the enthusiasm of a programmer in building one. If a programmer has infinite possibilities to do so, then making his web pages more dynamic will certainly be easier for him.A programmer’s limitless in terms of enhancing his web pages, and his only limit is his imagination—and of course, the complicated controls in created a web page specifically designed for his needs, as well as for the internet users who are visiting his web pages.

Statelessness may simplify the design by treating each query as independent from the previous query, but it actually provides more information than needed with each query, adding to the work a server has to perform each time the inquiry is made.To counter this, ASP.Net has provided postback and ViewState mechanisms. With the ASP.NET 2.0, you only have to modify certain features to get the results you want: faster reloading, easier ways of updating, and of course, a well prepared and improved web page.

To make things easier, however, it is wise to customize your web controls to suit your specifications, than to just rely on the functionality of these mechanisms provided by your web development framework. Creating your own controls that would provide you with more possibilities might do the trick in optimizing the functionality of your designs.

Organizing your lists is the key to simplifying your web development. With the Listbox control, you can fill it with any type of data you want, and label these data to your liking. Labeling your lists is important because when you add reorder buttons, you would want keep the list intact when you reorder their sequences. With the ListMover controls, you can now move the list from one position to another. Since ListBox controls can be enhanced, adding some headings and reorder buttons to it will yield yet another new feature in organizing your data, the EnhancedListBox. This control contains both the Listbox and the ListMover controls, and these extra features can be readily displayed on your program also. It will certainly make things easier, and it also takes advantage of the postback and ViewState controls that ASP.NET has already provided for you. Using JavaScript code will also make things easier for you.Reordering of your lists will be easier, and no amount of effort will be needed to reap its benefits when using the other mechanisms provided by the web designing program, the ASP.NET.

As demonstrated, only a programmers imagination will limit the infinite possibilities that web programming has in store for him.If one can find a way to simplify things better, then one is guaranteed a great, fun-filled experience in creating dynamic web pages. It is always an advantage if you yourself have created your own controls, provided that you know what you’re doing, and you are at ease with using it. Web designing is not complicated, if you really have enough determination and drive to achieve what you have set out to do.

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