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Hosting Excel Appliactions as a
contorl in .Net form

I am sure that many of you are facing problem like I did for hosting excel applications. I was not sure that how to host Excel applications inside your Application main Form that I was building? I want to add it as a control same as web browsers in VS .Net from toolbox. Also, with web browsers control we can drop it in the form and then configure it.

Here is the wonderful solution I found on internet...

If you have Office 2003, you can use Office Web Components. There is a spreadsheet control, chart controls, rich edit control, and a few others.

To use this in VS.NET:

- right-click the Toolbox

- Choose Items...

- select the COM tab (OWC is a COM component)

- choose Microsoft Office Spreadsheet control

- drag n drop from the toolbox to the form

- start setting properties, writing code, etc.

This will allow you to use Hosting Excel Appliactions as a contorl in .Net form.

(Posted By Jason)