Are Cloud Virtual Server Solutions the Best from the Rest?

Cloud Virtual Server Solutions

A cloud server runs in a cloud computing environment, and it’s a virtual server rather than a physical server, and due to this, we can reap a lot of benefits. Considering those benefits, the cost of such a server truly proves to be too close to impossible to believe.

Cloud Virtual servers are touching heights in terms of popularity today, and there are tons of reasons behind its success. A few years back, nobody would have thought that it might become such a norm.

The evolution of virtual cloud servers has been phenomenal, and they have all sorts of software they need to run, and these function as independent units.

When virtualized characteristics of the IT ecosystem run in a cloud environment, everything needs to be carefully managed, optimized, and monitored. The benefits of virtualization can be quickly lost in cloud computing with a poorly managed system.

Hence, we’ve offered you unbeatable Cloud server hosting, and today’s article will describe how we meet your needs via this amazing service and why it is winning a thousand hearts.

How is Virtual Server different from Virtual Desktop?

Virtual desktops and Virtual servers can achieve some of the similar server virtualization goals for your computing network in practice, although they aren’t the same thing.

Let’s understand the virtual desktop first. It’s a technology that permits different users to run a variety of operating systems on a single computer, work apart from the physical setup, or server-linked devices should one be stolen or lost.

A virtual server may still permit remote users to run different OSes. However, it has additional capabilities besides. For instance, you can use a virtual server to test new applications or software without bringing down a whole server, and this isn’t the role a virtual desktop plays.

A virtual desktop server can be understood as a form of virtual desktop infrastructure. This sort of virtual server is utilized to generate a virtual desktop environment to host numerous virtual desktops on just a single virtual server designed for this purpose.

What are the advantages of a cloud server?

  • A cloud server offers the business user security and stability because any software issues are isolated from your environment. Any other cloud server won’t affect your cloud server and vice versa. In case another user overburdens their cloud server, this won’t impact your cloud server anyway, unlike with physical servers.
  • You get the flexibility of scalability with cloud servers. It’s pretty quick and easy to upgrade by adding disk and memory space and being more affordable.
  • Cloud servers provide an agile service for your money. You’ll enjoy more resources besides a quick service than you’d for an identical price of a physical server. A cloud-hosted website runs faster.
  • Cloud servers are fast, secure, and stable. They avoid the hardware troubles seen with physical servers. Besides that, they’re likely to be the most stable choice for businesses planning to keep their IT budget low.

Why are Accuweb Hosting’s virtual server solutions the ultimate best?

The advantages of server virtualization can’t be understated, as virtual servers have basically changed the way several enterprises set up their computing and network environments. Server virtualization has existed for the last decade. However, this technology is being vigorously adopted by businesses, and it has broadened into a variety of different virtualization technologies permitting enterprises to provide several service offerings, like SaaS, PaaS, and IaaS. Cloud computing is based majorly on virtualization technologies.

Our motto at AccuWeb Hosting is to offer the utmost benefits of virtual server solutions to everybody, starting from those who’ve just stepped into the industry to those who have been established in the industry for decades.

So, won’t you love to cherish our biggest offerings? So, here are the ways in which you’re gonna reap an advantage through AccuWeb’s cloud server:

It’s for both Windows and Linux platforms.

We believe in supporting the users of both platforms, QWindows and Linux, and both prove to be equally beneficial. You get mySQL or PostGre database, Apache/Nging/LiteSpeed web server with Linux based cloud.

On the flip side, with Windows, you have the choice to select SolidCP or Plesk control panel, MySQL and MSSQL database, .net core, Latest PHP, MailEnable, etc.

Fully scalable at any time without affecting your current setup

Many times, you get everything with various virtual servers online, but when it comes to scalability, you’re left desired. However, that’s not the case if you choose AccuWeb’s service. No matter what plan you choose, you’re always free to scale it as per your desire, and most importantly, it doesn’t affect your current setup at all. Also, your SEO campaigns don’t suffer either.

Each plan comes with full remote/ssh access

SSH, or Secure Socket Shell, offers users secure and direct access to remote machines through an encrypted connection. All data delivered from the client (your computer) is encrypted. The data will decrypt only when it reaches the remote server. The process of data encryption is transparent. It takes place behind the scenes and won’t interrupt your workflow.

If you’ve got a private server and you aren’t using SSH keys for authentication, then it’s time to begin thinking about it. Buying a personal cloud server from Accuwe Hosting means full remote/SSH access with each plan.

Install any custom applications/script as per your requirements

It’s a fact that most network administrators are familiar with scripting. Scripting languages like a shell, PowerShell, and bash, are typically taught in college in computer management and PC networking courses. If a network admin wants to automate any repetitive task, a script is the first thing he or she will think of since this is what they were taught to do. Scripting is highly useful for some PC management and repetitive file movement tasks. You’ll be glad to know that while using AccuWeb’s virtual server online, you’re free to install your desired custom applications and scripts.

Fail-over cluster (NO DOWNTIME)

Ok, so, simply, Ummm, you get almost 100% uptime with AccuWeb’s virtual server cloud hosting, and you can already figure out the primary benefit. However, it doesn’t end there!

The primary target of any web service or application is to render high-quality performance and tackle the customers’ expectations. It’s possible for a web application to receive millions of requests per minute, and therefore, it isn’t practically possible for any single system to respond to every single of these incoming requests.

This is exactly where cluster architecture plays a terrible role. Putting simply, it’s a system of interconnected nodes cooperating with each other in dividing their workload.

cPanel/WHM, Plesk OR directadmin control panels

Having a control panel is a great pleasure in itself. It actually shifts a huge burden from your head, and especially for beginners, it proves to be adorable.

Managing web services provided by a hosting provider needed extensive sysadmin knowledge, including the art to control server services through CLI. For a few experts, this can be an amazing way to manage servers. However, for most system admins, having a control panel with a GUI proves to be a much more convenient way to manage and monitor each hosted service you use.

There are several sorts of control panels you get with various cloud server plans from AccyWeb Hosting.

Complimentary backups + CDP daily backup available

Now, who doesn’t like to have backups and stay secure?

Backups truly save your life, and not having them is such a risk. It’s true that there are numerous plugins, applications, tools, etc., available for backing up your data, but it’s considered most secure when your hosting provider offers backups. With AccuWeb’s virtual server solutions, you enjoy the following data security and backup related benefits:

Usability and accessibility:

You can easily save your data in the cloud using the “drag and drop” technique. You can doubtlessly access the stored files from whatever device you want with some clicks.

Disaster recovery:

Emergency don’t ask you before hitting you, and having a backup is crucial during such an emergency to avoid data loss. Cloud storage is the unbeatable backup plan for any business.


Once your data is stored in Accuweb Hosting’s cloud server, it’s safe, and also, there are no chances of hardware failure either.


Yes, other sorts of backups do exist, but for almost all services offering you dependable backups, you’re supposed to pay at least something. Yes, dependence costs. However, here, you get complimentary backups, and CDP daily backups are also available.

Easy sharing of backups

If your data is stored in a cloud server, you can tell your colleagues, employees, anybody to take backups, as the data isn’t just easily accessible but also can be shared without hassle.

Automation of backups:

One of the biggest problems faced by the majority of the business owners is generating data backups and further scheduling those backups in such a way that the regular operation doesn’t get hampered.

Choice of OS:

We have numerous options today in case it comes to select the operating system. But, Linux and Windows are those operating systems mostly used across the world. Linux operating system is perfect for the open-source stack, for example– for Apache/PHP/MySQL(LAMP). On the other hand, Windows is adequate for hosting Microsoft-based ASP.Net code or MS SQL Server. It’s also perfect for the use of Microsoft IIS.


ensure the brand is highly reputed as reliability and performance heavily depend on the make. For a longer life span and performance, you can rely on branded parts. Server programs such as MySQL or Apache heavily depend on server memory and processor speeds for performance. The two highly used sorts of storage are SATA and SAS. SAS offers more I/O virtualization capacity, while on the other hand, SATA drives deliver more cost-efficient and bigger storage capacity.

Premium Bandwidth:

Dedicated servers are generally used for mission-critical operations, high traffic, and sophisticated applications and websites, thenceforth require a great amount of bandwidth to perform to tackle the expectations and needs. The service provider, to offer high bandwidth, tie-up with numerous eminent network providers to be known as the network-neutral data center.

Data Center:

Datacenter plays a huge role in the undisturbed running of your server. There are four categories of Datacenters depending on the extent of services they provide. Tier III and Tier IV are ideal for businesses of all sorts as they offer the best network/server uptime and redundancy levels. Besides, the data center’s location matters as well. You should check the location doesn’t fall in a high seismic zone. Besides that, your website’s performance is immensely increased in case the users and the data center reside in the matching geographical location.


Since you own the dedicated server, you’ll have root-level access and the right to maintain optimal security. Besides that, the provider uses stringent security measures to lock the safety of the data stored on your dedicated server. The service providers even deploy advanced anti-virus software and anti-spam ware to protect your data from being hacked, corrupted, or leaked. Leading service providers often keep updating their software applications to deal with the newest versions of viruses.


Resource monitoring and organization undoubtedly play a crucial role in ensuring high-end server management. Dedicated servers generally offer an array of features that enable timely tracking of performance and data usage of servers.

Option to Upgrade:

In order to elevate the performance, storage, and bandwidth needs of a client, the majority of the popular dedicated server hosting providers permit clients to seamlessly switch to their hosting plans. This process is much less expensive in comparison to switching the service provider.


What in case your service provider isn’t responding in the unfortunate occasions of technical glitches? It will be the toughest moment for your business for sure. Appreciable customer support ensures that they’re always available no matter what the problem may be.

The host’s support team with whom you’re going to enter into the agreement is of utmost importance. Every member of the support team needs to be highly professional, responsive, and skilled to help the customers instantly during issues and disasters.


Although the price isn’t a constraint for established and huge enterprises, it does matter for the majority of businesses. Depending on the specifications and quality of the servers, their price may differ. There are numerous servers ranging from low to high costing, but select one that best meets your business needs instead of buying unnecessarily expensive and sophisticated servers.

To check AccuWeb’s cloud server price, feel free to tap HERE.

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