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Cloud Web Hosting image Diverse Cloud Web Hosting Plans

Windows Cloud Hosting

AccuWeb Hosting Windows Cloud Hosting
  • Windows-based Hosting on Cloud Servers
  • 100% Hardware Uptime Guarantee
  • The plan starts at $5.09/Mo.

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Linux Cloud Hosting

AccuWeb Hosting Windows Classic Hosting
  • Linux-based Hosting on Cloud Servers
  • Ultrafast Performance with CloudLinux
  • The plan starts at $4.79/Mo.

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Cloud HostingOur Cloud Web Hosting Plans

Fully-Redundant Cloud Network

Explore Linux Hosting

One-Click Installer With 100+ Applications

At AccuWebHosting, we provide Softaculous for the Linux Cloud Hosting plan while Web App Gallery comes with the Windows Cloud Hosting plan. Both are one-click installers with 100+ applications individually.

Commendatory Backup

This is one of the many reasons why our customers trust us. We provide a free-of-charge commendatory backup service with multiple recovery points and unlimited restores. However, the availability of the backup must be considered.

Easy-to-Use Control Panel

AccuWebHosting provides three different web-based control panels to ease the management of your website or web app while on our cloud servers.

Full-Refund Money-Back Guarantee

If by any chance you are unsatisfied with our cloud hosting service, you can easily terminate your account and receive your money back in entirety. Meanwhile, the policy covers you within 30 days of your cloud account activation.

Instant Account Activation

Immediately your order is verified, we set up and activate your account. Rest assured, all essential tools are bundled with your account, so you can instantly start managing your website on our platform.

DDoS Protection

DDoS attacks are rampant these days and can destroy a web-based business in a jiffy. As a result, we offer a multi-layer DDoS protection of up to 5Gbps to secure your website from such attacks.

Diverse Cloud VPS Hosting Plans

Windows Cloud VPS

AccuWeb Hosting Linux Cloud Hosting
  • Windows-based Hosting on Cloud VPS
  • 100% Hardware Uptime Guarantee
  • The plan starts at $33/Mo.

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Linux Cloud VPS

AccuWeb Hosting Linux SSD Hosting
  • Linux-based Hosting on Cloud VPS
  • cPanel, CloudLinux, and many more perks
  • The plan starts at $15/Mo.

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Denver, USA
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N. Virginia, USA
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  • Denver, USA
  • Ohio, USA
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Our Cloud VPS Hosting Plans

High Performance and Reliability

Explore Linux Hosting

Superfluous Hardware

We must admit we go overboard with our hardware technologies. For one, we guarantee you a 100% hardware uptime on our Cloud VPS Hosting platform and we harness KVM virtualization technology.

Full Root Administrative Access

At AccuWebHosting, we distinctly provide full RDP admin and SSH root access to your Cloud VPS. This means the highest level of customization possible - so, you can control your website or web app as per your needs.

Commendatory Backup on a Weekly Basis

You can rely on us when you need to backup your web files and databases as we provide a free-of-charge commendatory backup on a weekly basis. If you need more data protection, you can upgrade to the daily backup solution we readily have available for as many customers as possible.

Fully-Scalable Resources

We can assure you of the need for more resources awaiting your website or web app as your visitors grow accordingly. At AccuWebHosting, we provide more resources in alliance with your requirements so you can upgrade whenever and however you want.

Full-Refund Money-Back Guarantee

Of course, you can test our platform and deduce if it's worth your money and effort within seven days of an account activation. As long as your termination is within seven days and obeys other policies, we will refund your money completely and without any complications.

Ease of Use

When we say our platform is easy to use and navigate, we are not joking! We provide the three most used control panels on the Internet: SolidCP, Plesk, and cPanel. You have to select one when placing an order, so we will welcome you to the environment with the control panel pre-installed and pre-configured and allow you focus on managing and hosting your website or web app.

Cloud Hosting Case Studies

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Cloud Web Hosting

Explore Linux Hosting

Cloud hosting is the latest hosting technique based on innovative cloud computing technologies which utilize multiple virtual servers and resources to harbor all the aspects of hosting your website or web app.

Other hosting techniques such as shared web hosting and dedicated web hosting depends on one server or machine while cloud hosting makes use of numerous servers and SAN storage for backup, so the load is balanced and secure. These perks make cloud hosting the best option because it guarantees high performance, scalability, and security.

Why Choose AccuWebHosting Amongst the Multitude?

We understand the simple fact that there is an enormous number of web hosting providers available today, so why should you choose AccuWebHosting amongst the multitude?

Explore Linux Hosting

With just a few clicks, how'd it feel like to get all works done?

At AccuWebHosting, we offer multiple control panel options to ease out your workload.

Explore Linux Hosting

Cloud Web Hosting FAQs

Explore Linux Hosting
What Is Cloud Web Hosting?
Basically, Cloud Web Hosting is a technology of hosting provided on virtual servers (not VPS) which have their computing resources from broad hidden networks of the traditional physical web servers. So, the hardware and other hosting resources are available virtually.
What Is The Difference Between Cloud Web Hosting And Cloud VPS Hosting?
As the name suggests, Cloud Web Hosting is a shared hosting solution on a cloud platform while Cloud VPS Hosting is a VPS hosting solution on a cloud platform. As you'd expect, the latter is more powerful and feature-rich than the former. There is more control over your resources with Cloud VPS Hosting.
How Long Does It Take To Setup A Cloud Hosting Account?
Immediately after an order is verified, your Cloud Web Hosting account is entirely set up. However, verification takes between 10 and 15 minutes.
Honestly, Which Type Of Cloud Web Hosting Do I Need?
At AccuWebHosting, we present a variety of cloud hosting options based on Windows as well as Linux. The Linux-based Cloud Web Hosting is ideal for websites developed using open-source platforms like PHP and MySQL. In contrast, the Windows-based Cloud Web Hosting is ideal for websites developed using ASP.NET, MVC, or MSSQL in conjunction with an open-source platform like PHP.
Which Control Panel Options Does AccuWebHosting Offer?
With Windows Cloud Hosting, you have SolidCP. With Linux Cloud Hosting, you have cPanel. With Cloud VPS Hosting, on the other hand, you have three options: SolidCP, cPanel/WHM, or Plesk. Also, you have to choose the one ideal for your requirements when placing an order.
How Exactly Can I Test AccuWebHosting's Cloud Platform?
In fact, we recommend testing our cloud platform before abiding by an ultimate decision. There is a full-refund money-back policy on Cloud Web Hosting within 30 days of activation while there is one within seven days of activation with the Cloud VPS Hosting. So, if we deliver an unsatisfactory service, you can easily terminate the deal and get your money back simultaneously as long as the requirements of the policy are respected.
Do I Stand A Chance Of Getting A Backup?
Well, what we offer is more than just a chance — we offer a completely free commendatory backup service which you can use to store and restore your files and databases to avoid any critical loss. We provide the backup on a daily basis for the Cloud Web Hosting solution while Cloud VPS Hosting receives weekly backups. For more information, kindly contact our customer support team.
What Are The Perks Of Cloud Web Hosting?
Compared to traditional hosting solutions, Cloud Web Hosting is completely independent of hardware, so 100% hardware uptime is guaranteed.
What Type Or Level Of Access Do I Get?
We provide control panels for other Cloud Hosting plans except the Cloud VPS Hosting which has a full root-level administrative access.
Do I Need To Transfer My Domain To AccuWebHosting To Use Its Hosting Services?
Essentially, no! You can conveniently host your domain on another provider while we effectively take care of the web hosting aspect. All you need to do is to log in to your domain control panel and update the nameserver so as to point to AccuWebHosting's servers.

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