What is SQL, SQL Database & SQL Database Hosting?

What is SQL Databse?

SQL stands for "Structured Query Language". This language allows us to pose complex questions of a database. It also provides a means of creating databases. SQL very widely used. Many database products support SQL, this means that if learn how to use SQL you can apply this knowledge to MS Access or SQL Server or to Oracle or Ingres and countless other databases. SQL Database is used to store data information in structured format. SQL database is a type of database technology that is the most widely used in today's computing environment. Here the data is stored in a structured format that provides high levels of functionality. SQL databases are generally more robust, secure and have better performance than other older database technologies.

Advantages of SQL Database

High Speed - SQL database are designed and optimized to run with large amounts of records from a database quickly and efficiently. With the help of simple SQL queries, you can retrieve complex information from millions of records. SQL databases are also much more adept at handling very large volumes of data and processing it quickly when compared to non-SQL databases.

Security - The main reason to design SQL Database was security concern. With the SQL Database, all your records can be assigned access based on logins. Apart from this many other security standards are introduced to secure database access.

Security and Speed are two most significant features of SQL databases. Storing data in a SQL database is more secure than ever before. In SQL databases, the operations can be performed within the time constraints, as high speed query execution is another vital advantage of SQL databases.

SQL Database & Query

A database most often contains one or more tables, stored procedures, triggers, etc... Each table is identified by a name (e.g. "Customers" or "Orders"). Tables contain columns which is also defined by name (e.g. "Customer_ID", "Order_ID"). Each table contains records (rows) with data.
To operate SQL Database through programming lanauguage SQL Knwoledge is required. Well known SQL Queries are SELECT, DELETE, UPDATE, etc.. With SQL, we can query a database and have a result set returned.
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