What is KDE in Linux operating system?

KDE stands for K Desktop Environment. It is a desktop environment for Linux based operation system. You can think KDE as a GUI for Linux OS. KDE has proved Linux users to make it use as easy as they use windows. KDE provides Linux users a graphical interface to choose their own customized desktop environment. You can choose your Graphical Interface among various available GUI interfaces that have their own look.

You can imagine Linux without KDE and GNOME just like DOS in windows. KDE and GNOME are much similar with Windows except they are related to Linux through x server rather then operation system. When you install Linux you have a choice to choose your own desktop environment from two or three different desktop environments like KDE and GNOME. Another popular environment same as KDE is GNOME. Both come with variety of features with different distributions. KDE comes with variety of features some of the main among them are listed below:

Konqueror to browse Files:

Same as Windows, KDE has a Konqueror which is used to browse local files as well as it can be used as browser to browse web.

Koffice Software:

Like Microsoft office in windows KDE comes with Kword, kpresenter, Kcalc and Kontact. Moreover, KDE comes with editor like KWrite which is a default text editor of KDE and better than Notepad of Windows.

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