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Use of Literal Control to Arrange data using ASP.NET

Arrangement of data in each and every application is very important because if your data is not arranged in perfect format then it never looks good and hence you will not be able to attract client towards your application. This is very important if we talk about web based application, obviously in each and every application arrangement of data is important but web application is a such an application which is available publicly all over the globe and hence we have to take care about the design aspect and at that time we have to arrange our data in such a way that when user comes to visit your application then user will have relevant data.

ASP.NET provides one control using which you can arrange your data. Here arrangement means you can place your data where you want to place. Sometime you feel unhappy when you are not able to put the content where you want to place and as a part of solution ASP.NET has provided one control that is Literal control. To get the detail idea about literal control let’s go for one example.

Here you have to keep in mind that to use literal control you do not need to import any special namespace.


str = str + This is the use of literal control
str = str + here you will learn how to use
str = str + literal
Literal1.Text = str


When you execute this code the output of str variable will be displayed in literal control. Here you have to put the literal control where you want to display the output. Suppose you want to display above given text in table then you have to put this literal control in table then and then only your text will be displayed there.

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