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Competition in the Web Development
World - ASP.NET Vs PHP

Competition has long been present in our world. This is not surprising, since every one of us want to be on top. Every one of us has our techniques in dealing with the challenges of being the best. But how do we choose the best technique?

The same things happen in web designing. Web development is a competitive world where each programmer has to compete with each other when attracting visitors to their web pages. Different techniques bring them closer to what to choose between two competing web development programs that are available right now: The ASP.NET and PHP.

ASP.NET is created and marketed by Microsoft. If it is by Microsoft, it comes with a price. The technology of ASP.NET, of course, is definitely worth the investment if you choose it. Microsoft bombards their program with features that enhance the dynamic efficiency and performance of their web development programs. Since support systems and development tools are valuable to any web designer, Microsoft also provided the users of ASP.NET with fast and easy ways of downloading specific enhancements and add-ons to their programs. Accessibility to these features enhances the quality of service that Microsoft is providing to its users, and this might attract more programmers to choose the product. ASP.NET s Visual Studio also adds to the attraction.This feature allows integrated development in web designing, and can be used in any programs supported by Microsoft. This just might give programmers the tools to challenge their competitors in the web development arena.

PHP, on the other hand, is another program which is more or less the same as ASP.NET. It offers the same features that ASP.NET has, and has one very attractive and sure-fire way of attracting users.. It is FREE!!! Its developers are members of a community especially catering to web designing. Any improvements on the features made with the PHP can be downloaded for free from different open source websites available with just the right query away to any search engine in the web.PHP s enhancements to the web development programs also cater to what the users want, and how they will use it.This way, contributors can provide features as much as they want to, without the hindrance of corporate decisions on the products. This attraction will surely garner points from the users, since through accepting contributions from other sources, there is a vast array of enhancements to choose from and the choices are not limited only to one specific corporation.

In choosing the right web development program for a user, it is still advisable to go with what the user is at ease with. He must take into consideration the amount of time he needs to develop a web page, and the amount of effort he is willing to give in developing that certain web page.Developing a web page is not just simply depending on the determination of a programmer to be number one in his field, but on the technique he is using to get there.

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