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  • Detailed specifications?

    WordPress Hosting on SSD Servers
    Hello Max,

    Kindly find answers to your questions as below:

    Originally posted by Max+Feb 4 2006, 05:29 AM--><div class='quotetop'>QUOTE(Max &#064; Feb 4 2006, 05:29 AM)</div>
    - Are dll assemblies allowed in the &#092;bin directory, or I can only code in the *.as?x files?
    Yes, you can use DLLs in bin directory.

    Originally posted by [email protected] 4 2006, 05:29 AM
    I may want to use homemade HttpHandlers and/or HttpModules, and if code is only permitted inside *.as?x files it is impossible to implement them.
    Kindly provide me full details of your homemade HttpHandlers and/or HttpModules so that I can consult with my data-center techs.

    Originally posted by [email protected] 4 2006, 05:29 AM
    - Any memory/CPU usage limit?
    Generally, any domain should not exceed more than 10% server resources in terms of CPU and RAM usage.

    Originally posted by [email protected] 4 2006, 05:29 AM
    And what happens if any limit is crossed?
    We will warn you initially, if the issue continues, we will have no choice but to suspend your domain name for violation of our TOS. Our TOS can be read in detail at the below URL:

    Originally posted by [email protected] 4 2006, 05:29 AM
    - If I choose to use my already registered domain name which is about to expire (so I mean to transfer it to your company), is it feasible, and are there any special things to consider?
    If your domain is about to expire than it will not be possible to change registrars. A domain transfer process should start at least 45 days before the domain expiry date.

    @Feb 4 2006, 05:29 AM
    - I&#39;m not quite sure about the relation between "1 domain hosting" and "unlimited subdomains". Where can the subdomains point to? A directory in the main webspace, another server, ...?
    A sub-domain will point to a directory which resides on the root folder on your website.

    Do let us know if you are having any more queries.


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    Hello Max,

    You are most welcome.

    Generally, galleries have lots of images. At times, these images are quite large in size. In addition, most gallery softwares use a MySQL or MS-SQL database to store information. Thus, if you have a huge gallery with lots of images and if you have a large visitor base then the load on the server will be quite high in terms of visitor requests.

    Similar is the case of archives. Tar Gz archives have been found to be quite recourse intensively when they are generated.

    Thus, the below statement in our TOS:

    Multiple domains residing at a single IP address, domains with archives or galleries, (i.e. .gif, .jpg, .exe, .zip, .tar, etc.), and domain accounts offering download files.

    I will shortly get back to you regarding the HttpHandler and HttpModule question.

    For sub-domains, we do not offer redirection to another sites from a sub-domain in windows hosting but we do so in Linux hosting.

    Finally, since your domain will expire in July, now would be a good time to start the transfer.
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      You are welcome.

      All our CPU(s) are have at least P4 2.60 as processor with at least 1 GB of RAM as far as our Windows servers are concerned. Our Linux servers run on four parallel processors.

      I would recommend that you place a hosting order to check how your site performs on our server and whether it crosses the resource limit or not. If you are not satisfied with the performance or if we find your site consuming more resources then you can always cancel your order and get a full refund within 90 days.

      Furthermore, we do not see any problems with your homemade HttpHandler and HttpModules.

      Do let us know if you are having any further queries.
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        Most welcome.

        I am sure you know it, but if you pay annually, domain registration will be free for the initial domain. You will be charged only if you register additional domains.
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          Hi Max,

          Its me again, as well.

          We are glad to hear that you find our service incomparable and that you have gone to great lengths to design your site as per our servers specifications. Yes, MySQL is much better than Ms-Access and we do not recommend the latter to any of our clients to use it in production environment.

          Let me get to your questions.
          1) is the MySQL database available through remotely accessing the server using MySQL clients? It will be not so convenient if I have to include the setup SQLs in an ASPX page, upload it, run it once, and delete it.
          A: No, unfortunately we do not allow access to MySQL databases hosted on our server as it uses quite high resources on the shared server. Furthermore, kindly note that we offer 1 free MySQL database with our windows hosting plans, something which other hosts charge their clients for.

          2) I browsed through the helpdesk and found that the directory structure will be db (read/write, unavailable through HTTP), log (for log files) and wwwroot (readonly, HTTP root). But if wwwroot is readonly, how will clients be benefited from the Upload components? In my case, I will be the only one writing files (I will make an administration subsite which helps me add new pages, edit current pages and upload pictures/other file formats). Do you actually mean wwwroot is readonly for IUSR_xxxxxx Windows account (for ASP 3.0), but will be read/write for ASPNET Windows account (for ASP.NET x.x)?
          A: When a new site is hosted, the permissions will be set as you have mentioned. However, if you need to alter any permissions on any files/folders of your choice, then we will be glad to do it for you.

          3) By default, ASP.NET sets up IIS to map *.aspx and other ASP.NET-related files to ASP.NET work process, *regardless of the existence of the files*, so the 404 File Not Found error is also handled by ASP.NET. Is it still true in your web servers?
          A: Yes, Any ASP.Net error pages request are handled by Framework and they return the error.

          Do let us know if you have any more questions that we can answer.
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            Hello Max,

            Yes, you can restore the backup of any MySQL database taken from your local system on to our servers. You can do that using the phpMyAdmin interface that we provide to manage MySQL databases. You can also get backups of your database from the same interface in SQL, zipped or gzipped format, very easily.
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              ASP.Net Hosting starts @ $3.18/Mo.
              Re: Detailed specifications?

              ya thats very easy .... you can take backup of your MySQL DB via PHPMyAdmin or using a tool as well e.g Navicat for MySQL.
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