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How do I unlock an Access Database?


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  • How do I unlock an Access Database?

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    I have an access database that was previously locked. Now I have to make changes to it but cannot figure out how to unlock it. How do I regain access into it?

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    We can copy the database to another location and that won't be locked, then we can work on ways to save your work until you solve the lock problem in the original one. If the problem is due to VB code file corruption, try to open the database with the "/decompile" option:


    "C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\Office\msaccess.exe" "C:\example.mdb" /decompile

    If we have not any ldb file associated with mdb, it will be difficult to discover which user is locking your database. If we have few users, we should restart their machines. It would be prehistorice but should be fastest than trying to unlock the file through other ways.


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