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    Hi there, I need to understand the concept of floating IP and how to get it to work for my system. I am naive, so please help me from the very basics. What is the use of floating IP? What is its use in load balancers?

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    What is Floating IP:-
    • A floating IP address denotes a public and routable IP address that is not automatically allocated to any particular entity. Instead, it is given temporarily by the project owner to one or more entities as required.
    • The corresponding entity possesses an automatically assigned static IP for communication within a private, non-routable network, In addition to a manually allocated floating IP for external communication. This enables the entity's services to be recognized and accessed outside the cloud or network.
    To get Floating IP:-
    • To assign a floating IP to a specified interface, navigate to the "Network settings" section when creating an instance, and select the "Private" network type. Proceed to indicate the network and subnet of the interface you desire.
    • Activate the "Use floating IP" slider, generate a new floating IP by selecting "Create a new floating IP," and save the settings by clicking the "Add Interface" button.
    Use of floating IP:-
    • A floating IP provides a swift means of granting external network access to an instance that lacks a public network interface. Allocating an address to the instance enables immediate connectivity, allowing users to establish a connection without delay.
    • Creating a public interface for the device is an alternative to providing access. Still, it may result in conflicts with the private routed interface, as both interfaces are utilized for accessing the internet. A manual configuration of routing would be necessary in such a scenario. A floating IP offers a convenient solution when temporary external network access is needed or when dealing with routing configuration is not desirable.
    Floating IP use in Load Balancers:-
    • Distributing incoming network traffic to different network nodes, a floating IP address can function as a versatile load-balancing tool, aiding in balancing peak loads. Network nodes, devices linking two or more transmission paths within a telecommunications network, can benefit from this approach.
    • Like a computer that allocates workflows across several processors, load balancing can manage large volumes of simultaneous requests or more complex calculations by distributing the workload across multiple parallel systems.