Which are the Shells used in Linux?


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  • Annie_P
    • Aug 2022
    • 75

    Which are the Shells used in Linux?

    Hello everyone,

    Please let me know Which are the Shells used in Linux?

  • zayn_william
    Senior Member
    • Apr 2022
    • 106

    Linux operating systems use several shells. Some of the most popular ones include:
    • Bash: (bourne Again Shell) It is the default distribution in most Linux distributions. It offers a wide range of features and functions.
    • Ksh: (korn Shell) This shell combines features from the bourne shell and the C shell. It is a high-level programming language shell.
    • Csh: (C Shell) This shell has a syntax similar to that of the C programming language. It provides features such as command history, job control, and aliases. Modern Linux distributions rarely use it, despite its loyal user base.
    • Zsh: (Z Shell) Additional features and customization options make this version of Bash stand out. Known for its extensive configuration options and powerful plugin system, Zsh offers some unique features like filename generation, startup files, login/logout watching, and closing comments.
    • Fish: (Friendly Interactive Shell) is designed to be user-friendly and intuitive. It has simple and modern syntax highlighting, auto-suggestions, and a built-in help system. Fish aims to provide a more user-friendly and interactive experience for the command line.
    • Tcsh (TENEX C Shell): This enhanced version of Csh includes additional features such as command completion, file name completion, and command-line editing. Tcsh is known for its powerful interactive features.