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my first dev envoronment on Linux


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  • my first dev envoronment on Linux

    Hello group. I already have a php web site set up and hosted by an internet service provider. I FTP all the files over the internet to the site. I have found that the only way to debut it is to set up a local version of it with my own Operating Server. I assume that this is the case, anyway.
    I also assume that I should use a Linux distribution in order to do this properly. I have a Linux machine already. So I guess this will do.
    Can anyone suggest a way to get started with this?

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    I also think this will better to use Linux. Because this one you already have and well known.


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      I don?t think any particular one is really that much better than any other these days. If you?re using Linux or OS X then the OS that you?re using will be more similar to that of the typical web server (both natively use the same command shell as Linux) but that doesn?t matter that much.


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        I suggest you get RHEL Linux to act as your Operating server. It is one of the best server OS out there.
        Also, it has low latency rates and better uptime.
        It does not get attacked by Malicious code as much as any other hosting server OS.
        If you are non-commital yet then you should try Cent OS.
        It should work without any problems.