can I get cPanel to stop telling me this


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  • crazydog
    Junior Member
    • Aug 2006
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    can I get cPanel to stop telling me this

    I installed phpBB on my server, and noticed that the version it came with (v2.0.19) was out of date, so I installed v2.0.21.

    Now I am getting these emails:

    Below is a list of your addon CGIs that need to be updated.
    Please login to cPanel and update them right away.
    Please contact your host if you have any questions.

    - phpBB installation
    Registry: cPanel::Bulletin_Boards phpBB.0
    Installed: v2.0.20
    Latest: v2.0.19
    The other weird thing is is that it is telling me I installed 2.0.20, although I installed 2.0.21 and my admin panel states "Powered by phpBB 2.0.21"

    Is there any way to stop these incorrect messages?
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  • Manuel_
    • May 2005
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    I am not sure about the that messages you are receiving as it goes to programing stuff which is beyond my scope, but I think it is due to your index.php many not updated fully.

    Regarding cPanel fantastico, please note that accuwebhosting is using all the fantastic php tool to the latest which are released for stable installation by fantastico.

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    • Gus
      Junior Member
      • Feb 2007
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      Firstly, remove all signs of PHPBB from your SQL Database. Then you can go onto removing all signs of PHPBB from your FTP server. Finally, try installing PHPBB through your FTP only. Install it, and see if you still receive them emails.



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