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Licensing modes of SQL server 2005


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  • Licensing modes of SQL server 2005

    There are main two licensing modes of SQL server 2005. CPU based and Client access based license (CAL). CPU based license can be provided per CPU base. You need to purchase license for each CPU of your server.

    The cost of Standard SQL 2005 license is around $25,000 per CPU and for Enterprise SQL 2005 the cost is $12,000. The cost is static for CPU based license.

    In CAL based license each end user needs to purchase a license for access of database server. The cost of this kind of license lies between $167 to $170. This means the more users the more CALs you require.

    SQL server Express is a free version of SQL server database but with some limitations as below:

    1. The database must be smaller than 4 GB.
    2. You can only use one CPU for your server.
    3. No SQL Server Agent and not all the replications configurations are supported.
    4. Some limitations when using SQL service broker and sending messages from one instance to another.


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    Re: Licensing modes of SQL server 2005

    There is also processor based Licensing model. A license is required for each physical or virtual processor accessed by an operating system environment running SQL Server. This license does not require any device or user client access licenses (CALs). A customer acquires a separate Processor license for each processor that is located in the server running the SQL Server software.

    If you have made a processor inaccessible to all operating system copies on which the SQL Server software is set up to run, you do not need a software license for that processor. This licensing model is most appropriate for applications that are accessible through the Internet and for internal applications with a high client-to-server ratio.

    For more details visit Microsoft SQL Server 2005: Licensing