How to Create Secure Folder In HELM


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  • ryan
    • Jun 2008
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    How to Create Secure Folder In HELM

    Here are the steps to configure password protected directories of any domain (HELM):

    1) Login to the HELM control Panel.
    2) Select the Domain for which you wish to configure the protected folder.
    3) Click on Secure Folders Icon.
    4) Then click on the Users icon & create username & password.
    5) If you wish to allow access to group of users, click on Groups icon and mention users.
    6) Then click on the Folders option to select the path you wish to secure.
    7) Click on the save button to enter setup.

    Secure folder can be browsed as :
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  • Nashflower
    Junior Member
    • May 2010
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    Re: How to create Secure Folder in HELM

    Please follow the below steps to configure the Secured Folder for your domains in HELM control panel :

    1. Login to HELM as end user
    2. Click on Domains. You will see your domain listed on the page. Click on it.
    3. You will see all the menu options listed and one of them is "Secured Folders". Click on the "Secured Folders" icon.
    4. Click Install to first initialize the installation of the feature on your domain.Once the installation completed, you will see the message "Secured Folder Support Has Been Installed" top of the page.
    5. Before you can setup the folder as password protected, you will first have to setup the user who will have access to the password protected folder. Click on the "Users" icon > Add New. Enter the username and password who will later have access to the password protected folder. Click Save. Click Back.
    6. Click on the "Folder" icon. Click Add New. Click on the "folder" icon which located beside the text box. A small windows will pop up listing all your folder directory beneath your "wwwroot" folder on the server. Browse to and double click on the folder which you wish to password protect it.Click OK once you have confirmed it. You will see that the folder name is listed on the Directory Path text box as \foldername. Click Save.
    7. Click on the directory path you which you have added just now. At the bottom of the page, you will see the "Allowed Users" options. Click Add New.
    8. You will see that user(s) who you have setup just now on Step 5. is listed there. Select the user who you wish to have permission to access the password protected folder and Click Save.
    9. You will see the user is listed on the "Allowed Users" option.
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