How To Initaite DomainName Transfer Request In DirectI


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  • Shane
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    How To Initaite DomainName Transfer Request In DirectI

    Hello All,

    This topic covers the steps to initiate the domain transfer request :
    1) Login to the Enter your login information.
    2) Navigate to Manage Orders and then click Transfer Domain.
    3) Now, enter the domain name you wish to Transfer.
    4) Click the Transfer button.
    5) Proceed with the Payment of the Invoice.
    6) Once the Transfer Order is placed , the Administrative Contact for the domainname will receive an e-mail from Registrar for the Transfer Authorization process, which needs to be approved within 5 days.
    7) On approval of transfer process, the Administrative Contact will require to provide the Domain (Transfer) Secret Key/Authorization Code.
    8) After submission of Authcode, the Current Registrar will be notified for transfer process. If the transfer is not denied by the current Registrar, the domain name will be transferred in the next 5 days.
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