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  • Christian J
    • Sep 2022
    • 82

    Showing blank page instead of Joomla page


    I have installed Joomla from softaculous, but it is showing a blank page instead of a Joomla page. Can anyone assist me with what I should do now?
  • Rex Maughan
    Senior Member
    • Mar 2022
    • 105


    Hello Christian J,

    One of the most frequently reported problems with Joomla is that in one area or another of their website, we see a Joomla blank page or an empty page after the installation.

    However, you can follow the below methods to fix the blank page issue after Joomla installation,

    In order to fix the issue, you need to edit the config.php file.
    • Firstly, log in to the domain cPanel account.
    • Now, click the File Manager option under the Files section.
    • Next, click on public_html/phplist foldername/config/config.php
    • Then, you need to put the # symbol before the following line in the config.php file:
    define("PLUGIN_ROOTDIR", "/tmp")
    • Now, remove '#' from the below line in your config.php file:
    define("PLUGIN_ROOTDIR", "plugins");
    • Lastly, edit the file and click on the save button.

    Thus, I hope the above method helps you to fix the Joomla blank page issue.

    Rex Maughan