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How Alligate SMTP gateway works?


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  • How Alligate SMTP gateway works?

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    Spam emails comprise 98% of email traffic. More spams more email traffic on your mail server. If you have 100 mail boxes and receiving 50 emails per mail box then it is easy for a mail server to handle email traffic of 5000 emails. However, what if you receive 25 spam emails per mail box??

    Do not worry Alligate is there for you!! Alligate refuses spam emails with 100% accuracy. Alligate forces spammers into identifying themselves, rather than simply trying to identify spammers.

    How it works?

    To identify spammers Alligate uses SMTP gateway system. It includes following terminologies:
    • MXRate Sender Reputation Database:- MXRate maintains database of any particular sender having habits of sending particular type of spam emails. regularly.
    • Greylisting:- It temporarily rejects any email from a sender and the originating server will try again if an email is legitimate. However, if sender is spammer then he/she can not afford the time delay to retry.
    • Tarpitting:- It is used to effectively discourage spammers and slow down attacks.


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