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How To Configure Mozilla Thunderbird


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  • How To Configure Mozilla Thunderbird

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    [01] Open Thunderbird and click ‘Tools’ in the menu bar, then select ‘Account
    [02] In the ‘Account Settings’ window, click on ‘Add Account’
    [03] When the ‘Account Wizard’ window appears, select the ‘E-mail account’ option, then click ‘Next’
    [04] Fill in the desired values for ‘Your Name:’ (the name you want to be displayed on all e-mails you send) and ‘E-mail Address:’, then click ‘Next’
    [05] At the ‘Server Information’ window, click the circle next to ‘IMAP’. In the
    ‘Incoming Server:’ field enters ‘<your_internet_id>’. In the ‘Outgoing Server’ field enter ‘’. Click ‘Next’
    [06] Both the ‘Incoming User Name’ and ‘Outgoing User Name’ fields must contain your Internet ID. If they do not, enter your Internet ID in both fields, then click ‘Next’
    [07] The ‘Account Name’ field should be filled with your e-mail address. The account name is used only to identify your account within Thunderbird. You may leave this value at it's default or change it. When ready, click ‘Next’.
    [08] At the ‘Account Settings’ window, review the account settings or accuracy. Use the ‘Back’ button to return and correct any errors. When the settings are correct, click ‘Finish’.
    [09] At the ‘Account Settings’ screen, in the left-hand window, select the account you just created and click on the plus sign to expand the menu. When the menu is expanded, select the ‘Server Settings’ entry. On the right-hand side, under ‘Use secure connection (SSL)’, select ‘SSL’ and verify that the ‘Port:’ is set to ‘995’
    [10] Click on the Advanced button. This will open the Advanced Account Settings window
    [11] In the IMAP server directory: field, enter mail using lowercase letters.
    The only checkbox that should be check-marked is Use IDLE command if the server supports it
    Maximum number of server connections may remain at 5, the default
    All namespace fields should be blank.
    Select Allow server to override these namespaces.
    [12] Click once on ‘Outgoing Server (SMTP)’ in the left-hand window, and click the ‘Edit’ button. At the SMTP Server screen, complete the fields so that they appear as described below:
    Server Name: smtp.domainname
    Port: 587
    Use name and password: checked
    Username: YourInternetID (X.500 username, e.g., user1234)
    Use secure connection: TLS
    Click ‘OK’
    [13] Click ‘OK’ out of the Accounts Settings window
    [14] Click ‘Get Mail’ in the upper left hand corner of the Thunderbird window
    [15] Enter your password into the password windows and Click ‘OK’. If you would like Thunderbird to save your password check the box for ‘Use Password Manager to remember this password’
    [16] Click folder named ‘Inbox’ in the left side pane and your mail should now
    display in the main window

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