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How can I reduce CPU Usage in cPanel Control Panel?


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  • How can I reduce CPU Usage in cPanel Control Panel?

    I'm looking for help to optimize the CPU usage in the cPanel control panel as I have been unable to find a solution through my research. I would greatly appreciate any input or guidance on this matter.

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    Concerns about high CPU use are pretty typical when dealing with shared hosting. Numerous websites are hosted on the shared server and several of them are active PHP process and MySql.

    What could cause a problem with high CPU usage?

    The various causes of excessive CPU consumption are listed below.
    • Irrespective of whether or not they are receiving little traffic, there are many WordPress installations.
    • Installed plugins using a lot of resources
    • Hacked hosting account
    • Plugins that collect real-time statistics
    • The large volume of online users
    • The longer time frame for simultaneous connections for downloading
    • running cron jobs frequently and for a long time
    How to lower high CPU utilization:

    Working with third-party web programs like content management systems, blog systems, or forums may make this task challenging because you may need more in-depth knowledge of how these systems operate.

    However, there are more strategies that can be used to lower CPU utilization.
    • Upgrade to the most recent version of all third-party web applications(including any galleries, forums, blogs, and content management systems (such as WordPress, Drupal, and Joomla), or other programs that have been set up on your account.)
    • If your online apps utilize any add-ons or plugins, make sure they are updated to the most recent versions as well.
    • Ensure that any unnecessary plugins, add-ons, or online applications are eliminated by running a general check.
    • 'Caching' should be enabled or activated in any web applications that support it.
    • If you have written your own scripts, try minimizing the number of MySQL, MSSQL, and Postgre SQL queries to optimize your scripts and decrease the amount of time they must be processed.
    • Additionally, it's crucial to examine your server for spam and harmful programs.