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Fraudent Emails sent under our address


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  • Fraudent Emails sent under our address

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    I receive "failure notices" for emails that are being sent using our mailserver address "[email protected]" so I know that our name is being used (I always thought this was the definition of phishing ... using our name to send spam but it doesn't seem I am right since when I search on phishing all the responses relate to having bogus emails (purportedly from someone I would trust) sent to me to try to get me to reveal personal credit information).

    It causes me angst to know that our reputation could be tarnished because of these bogus emails. None that I have seen actually seem to be attempting to defraud.

    I cannot block these returned emails from my mail filter (ChoiceMail) because they come from a postmaster and they come back to our general email account, no matter what name was used

    I know that I could set up another account for non-existent names at our organization and set protocols to have that mail automatically deleted ... but people do make typos and sometimes there is email that we want that is actually misadressed.

    Is there any way to stop unauthorized use of the mailserver address? Is there any other suggestion on how to avoid getting the returned failures when someone does use our email address???

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    I think there is no way to stop this kind of activity.
    Though it is illegal to send such emails, people can do this easily by email components or php mailer scripts.

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