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Why we need a Faster WordPress Site?

Why you need a Faster WordPress Site?

According to a report
  • According to the latest statistics, there are 63.65 million WordPress websites globally in 2024.
  • WordPress holds a dominant share of 44% of the entire internet.
  • As we enter 2024, an impressive 97% of bloggers have opted for WordPress.
  • Additionally, 69% of users have chosen WordPress as their preferred content management system for website development.

This data highlights the extensive adoption and impact of WordPress. The faster WordPress site is important for a good user experience, reaching a global audience, staying competitive, and working well with various plugins and themes.

AccuWeb Hosting uses AccelerateWP as a Smart WordPress optimization tool.

What is AccelerateWP?

AccelerateWP is an advanced solution designed to boost the WordPress site performance. It offers a range of WordPress optimization features, that includes object caching, CSS and JS preprocessing, and website preloading.

It Empower providers and site owners with powerful WordPress optimization tools for better performance, faster loading, smoother interactions, enhanced security, and increased benefits.

What is AccelerateWP?
How does AccelerateWP Work?

How does AccelerateWP Work?

AccelerateWP functions by employing various optimization mechanisms for improving the speed and give you a faster WordPress site

AccelerateWP Dashboard

AccelerateWP Dashboard

Dashboard: Upon successful installation of AccelerateWP, you will receive a confirmation message, and the website's loading speed is expected to be enhanced

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Improved Functionalities for WordPress sites using a Smart Optimization tool!

Caching Methods

Utilizes object caching, and page caching, or integrates with CDNs to store frequently accessed data. This reduces server load and enhances site speed.

Mobile Cache is used to customize

Mobile Cache: It is used to customize your site's cache for mobile users and optimizing performance for smartphones.

The User Cache manages

User Cache It manages personalized or restricted content. When users are logged out, a shared site cache is applied. Yet, for logged-in users, customized content gets cached separately.

Control cache file duration

Cache Lifespan: Control cache file duration, auto-deletion of old files, and set global clearing times. Preloading rebuilds expired caches. Consider shortening lifespan for periodic issues.

File Optimization Feature

It uses a Minification process, which trims code in web pages, enhancing efficiency and speeding up website loading.

Minify CSS trims file

Minify CSS: It trims file sizes by eliminating extra characters, such as white spaces and comments, optimizing code to boost webpage loading speed

Excluded CSS: It selectively omits styles from certain elements or conditions on a webpage, offering control and customization in web design.

Minify JavaScript

Minify JavaScript: It trims whitespace and comments, reducing file size

Combine JavaScript: It is used to merge multiple JavaScript files into a single file, optimizing loading efficiency on a website

Minify JavaScript

Load Javascript deferred: It prevents script blocking during webpage loading, enhancing overall page performance.

Delay attribute Reduces

Delay Javascript execution: It Reduces page load time by delaying JavaScript loading on cached pages

Delay attribute Reduces

One click exclusion: It is used for the elements which should not be delayed and should be available on a single click

Media Feature

It uses LazyLoad concept which boosts page loading by showing initial images, loading more as users scroll. Note: It doesn't impact images from CSS, <style> tag, or Elementor.

LazyLoad feature in AccelerateWP

LazyLoad: It improves page loading by showing only the initial set of visible images on the first page load. Additional images load as the user scrolls down

Enable for images: Activates LazyLoad for images on the page.

Enable CSS Background images: Activates LazyLoad for CSS Background images on the page.

Enable for iframes and videos: Activates LazyLoad to iframes and videos.

Replace YouTube iframe with preview image: This boosts loading times for pages with many YouTube videos

Image Dimensions

Image Dimensions: This feature ensures optimal page structure recognition by providing correct image dimensions, reducing delays in image rendering for the browser

optimizes image

Image Optimization: AccelerateWP optimizes image delivery by minifying existing images and serving next-gen formats when possible, enhancing image loading efficiency on webpages

Preload Feature

The AccelerateWP preload feature enhances website performance by proactively loading resources, optimizing page speed.

Activate AccelerateWP's cache preloading

Preload Cache: It is used to automatically detect and save all URLs from your sitemaps, ensuring consistent cache preloading. This proactive approach optimizes website performance, reducing loading times

Activate AccelerateWP's cache preloading

Preload Links: AccelerateWP boosts website speed by preloading linked pages when users hover, improving overall user experience

Prefetch DNS Requests

Prefetch DNS Requests: AccelerateWP speeds up external file loading with DNS prefetching, optimizing website performance

Preload Fonts

Preload Fonts: AccelerateWP enhances website performance by preloading CSS-specified fonts, reducing rendering delays

Advanced Rules

AccelеratеWP's Advanced Rules feature enables advanced site caching settings for customized processing of specific pages, proving especially beneficial when personalized treatment is needed for certain pages on your website.

Never Cache URL

Never Cache URL: Input a list of URLs that require consistent loading of dynamic content and should not be cached

Never Cache User Agent(s)

Never Cache User Agent: Exclude User Agent names to customize caching for specific devices or browsers and ensure a tailored experience

Never Cache Cookies

Never Cache Cookies: Exclude specific cookie files from caching to maintain the dynamism of content dependent on those cookies

Always Purge URL(s)

Always Purge URL: Define URLs for automatic removal from the cache upon any post or page update, ensuring the cache reflects the latest content

Cache Query String(s)

Cache Query String: AccelerateWP doesn't cache URLs with query strings by default, but you can specify which GET parameters to cache for efficient caching of dynamic content.

Database Optimization

Database optimization is vital, involving the removal of expired and unused data to enhance the overall efficiency of your database.

Post Cleanup

Post Cleanup: This function aids in removing post revisions, autosaved drafts, and deleted posts from the trash. Caution is advised as data cleared through this process is irreversible.

Comments Cleanup

Comments Cleanup: This feature allows clearing spam and deleted comments from the trash. Exercise caution as data cleared here is irretrievable; use this option judiciously.

Transients Cleanup

Transients Cleanup: This function clears temporary options generated by plugins and removes unused options that persist after deleting plugins.

Database Cleanup

Database Cleanup: This option optimizes database server tables, enhancing overall database performance.

Automatic Clеanup

Automatic Clеanup: AccelerateWP offers scheduled database cleanups for automated ongoing maintenance and optimization.


Activating or deactivating the AccelerateWP CDN feature is solely managed through the hosting panel in the AccelerateWP interface, and enabling it through Advice automatically configures the WordPress plugin.

AccelerateWP CDN

AccelerateWP CDN: Activate or deactivate AccelerateWP CDN via the hosting panel in the interface, and enabling it through Advice configures the WordPress plugin automatically.

Exclude Files from CDN

Exclude Files from CDN: Specify URLs to exclude from the CDN. List each URL separately to control which files are not served via the Content Delivery Network.


The Heartbeat API facilitates server polling, delivering data from the server to the browser at regular intervals. To enhance server efficiency, it is possible to reduce or disable Heartbeat activity.


Optimize server efficiency by adjusting or disabling the Heartbeat API, which controls server polling and data delivery to the browser at regular intervals.

Reduce or Disable Heartbeat Activity

Reduce or Disable Heartbeat Activity: Activate Control Heartbeat to adjust or disable server-intensive Heartbeat activity, with caution due to potential impact on plugins relying on this functionality.

AccelerateWP Tools

This tool facilitates managing settings through the process of exporting and importing.


Tools: In AccelerateWP, use the export function to save current settings to a file. To restore, select the saved file and use the import function.

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