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Step by step guide for domain transfer process

1. You submit the transfer through our web site. We send the confirmation email of domain transfer - renewal to your email specified. The domain secret codes (EPP codes) must be provided to us in the very first step of the transfer process.

2. Then, the system tries to fetch the admin contact email address of your domain name. If it can not fetch due to your current registrar problems, the transfer fails. If the system obtains your admin contact email address from the public whois then it sends the first approval email.

3. The first approval email must be approved by you within 5 days or the transfer fails.

4. If you approve the first email but your domain name is locked or suspended for non-payment at the loosing registrar end then the transfer fails.

5. If your domain name is in OK or Active status then the transfer process goes on and is now considered approved by the registry. During this step, the registry can deny the transfer. However, we are not aware of any cases where the registry would deny the transfer.

6. The loosing registrar sends you a second approval email usually asking you to cancel the transfer. If you cancel then the transfer fails. If you ignore then the transfer must be completed within 5-7 days according to ICANN. However, even on this step the transfer can fail. For example, if during this step, you or your loosing registrar lock or unlock your domain name then the transfer fails.

7. If the loosing registrar sends you instructions on how to approve your transfer then use them to speed up the transfer.

Furthermore, please make sure that:

1. If you just recently registered or transferred your domain name, please wait 60 days before applying for transfer.
2. Domain name is not locked by the loosing registrar.
3. Domain name has not been deleted.
4. The transfer can be accomplished in 5-7 business days

(Posted By John)