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  • roxxy
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    • Jun 2006
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    E-commerce Transaction

    E-Commerce is a process of performing your online business through your website usually to sell your product eg. Computer products or to provide services eg. SEO, Hosting. Usually the payment is received through Credit Card termed as Merchant Account that allow you accept payment automatically to your account. You don't need to involve here. This is the smart way to extend your business and get International Reorganization.
    A business providing merchant account establishment and transaction processing payment related services. It may also provide e-commerce software and handle such things as digital delivery, Payment verification.
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  • Aleksander
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    • Jan 2010
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    Re: E-commerce Transaction

    In E-Commerce transaction there are risk of loss payment and goods that which you are using in the transaction. The merchant have risk that the customer should make fraud and customer think the merchant attempt fraud. so to save this risk software are made.