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How do I upload a SQL database to Plesk?


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  • How do I upload a SQL database to Plesk?

    Hello. I have purchased a shared windows hosting plan recently, and I need to upload a database to Plesk, how can I do that. need guidance.

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    Let me guide you through uploading your Database to the Plesk panel. But, first, there are some easy steps that you need to follow, as mentioned below.

    You first need to create a .bak backup file of your Database on your local system.

    1. log in to the Plesk Panel

    On the home page, You will see multiples tools or features. Now click on the database icon on the right side.

    2. Adding Database

    I am sure you know that this is a Windows Environment ecosystem, so you manage or add an MSSQL database.
    Now Click on “Add Database,” and you will get a form where you are supposed to add some important details like database name, Database username, and password here. Keep in mind that don’t forget to select the database type to select MSSQL Database.

    3. Now dumping your Database

    You can also check the database list from your database sections, Once the Database is created. Now you need to find the Import dump button and click on it.

    4. Now Importing your database dump

    You need to select a backup file from your local system. For example, if you have a backup in Zip format, you need to extract it and restore it.

    5. Verifying

    Once the file is uploaded, one notification will show the file import status. Please ensure that the Database is a valid backup file and doesn’t have strongly typed database names or usernames of your local database server.

    So This is a very easy way to upload your Database from your Local system. Although that is what the Plesk panel is known for, it gives a complete set of functions with a great user experience.


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      To upload a SQL database to Plesk, you will need to follow these steps:
      1. Log in to your Plesk control panel.
      2. Click on the "Databases" icon in the left-hand menu.
      3. Click on the "Add New Database" button.
      4. Enter the name of your database and choose the server that you want to host it on.
      5. Click "OK" to create the database.
      6. Once the database has been created, you can use the "Import Dump" feature to import your SQL data. To do this, click on the database name in the list of databases, then click on the "Import Dump" button.
      7. Select the SQL file that you want to import and click "OK."
      8. Wait for the import process to complete.

      That's it! Your SQL database should now be uploaded and available for use.

      It's worth noting that you may need to create a user and grant them access to the database before you can use it. You can do this by clicking on the "Users" tab on the database management page and adding a new user.


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        To upload an SQL database to Plesk, begin by logging into your Plesk control panel using the provided credentials. Inside Plesk, navigate to the "Databases" section. If you haven't created a database yet, initiate the process by clicking "Add Database" or a similar option and follow the prompts to set up a new database, taking note of the database name, username, and password. Access the phpMyAdmin or a similar database management tool within the database section. Once in phpMyAdmin, find the "Import" tab, typically located at the top of the page. From there, click on "Choose File" to select the SQL file from your computer that you want to upload. Finally, initiate the import by clicking "Go" or an equivalent button. Upon completion, you should receive a confirmation message, and your database will be ready for use. If you encounter any issues or have questions, don't hesitate to reach out to your hosting provider's support for personalized assistance, as specific steps may vary based on their configuration and Plesk version.


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              Please note that the exact steps might vary slightly depending on the version of Plesk you are using and your hosting provider's configurations. If you encounter any difficulties, you may want to refer to the documentation provided by Plesk or contact their support for assistance.