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  • Folder permissions

    WordPress Hosting on SSD Servers
    I created a folder under wwwroot called proof, and a staging location for my web pages. I ccan browse to it, click the links, etc...everything is good ther.

    However, when I create a second folder under wwwroot for image storage, script storage, etc. I get a "no permissions" warning when I try to browse to it.

    Please tell me why the first one worked but subsequent ones do not.


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    Re: Folder permissions

    Hi Lee,

    Please provide me your domain name so that I can check your issue.


    Kris A.
    [email protected]


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      Re: Folder permissions

      Wow, this is really old...
      However, this morning I'm trying to install one of the Accu. recommended blog applications to my site, the b2evolution blog....
      I get errors when the installer php package tries to modify one of the config files, it says it can't due to permissions.
      File = leeandlori.c_o_m/wwwroot/b2evo/blogs/conf/_basic_config.p_h_p
      I don't know how to change permissions on windows files through FTP (filezilla) or through the control panel. Unix CHMOD command obviously doesn't work.



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        Re: Folder permissions


        If you have sever access then you can login to server and then try. Or contact to your support and ask them to change the needed permissions.


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          Re: Folder permissions

          Administrators will use the Folder Permissions Item located by right clicking the Folder and selecting Folder Properties, to add or delete Users and Groups and set permissions. Each DocuXplorer object has its own set of properties and permissions. By default, an object's properties: users, groups and permissions are inherited from its parent object. Before making any changes to an object's permission properties an administrator must shut off inheritance by removing the check from the" Inherit permissions from parent" box. To propagate the changes to any child objects of the object being changed the administrator must place a check in the "Replace permissions on all child objects" box. If you have already customized a child object by making changes to an object below the parent object the "Replace permissions on child objects" will overwrite those customized settings.
          Security effects of Adding new Users/Groups or change permissions will not be realized until the affected Library or Cabinet is reopened at a workstation.



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