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What is the difference between Xen virtualization and KVM virtualization?


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  • What is the difference between Xen virtualization and KVM virtualization?


    After browsing different web hosting providers, I see that many VPS providers used different virtualization technologies like KVM or Xen.

    What is the difference between Xen virtualization and KVM virtualization?

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    Here is the difference between KVM virtualization and Xen virtualization.

    KVM is an open-source kernel module that enables a Linux operating system to function as a hypervisor and controls access to hardware resources like the hardware of GPU (or other peripherals). In contrast, Xen is a type 1 hypervisor that acts as an operating system and provides services such as switching between VMs, fault tolerance, or optimal usage of CPUs and memory for different VMs. The main difference between KVM and Xen is that KVM is a limited OS built to enhance the accessibility of Linux, primarily regarding virtualization. In contrast, Xen is a full-fledged OS that requires the installation of a separate kernel to function.

    Xen, also known as XCP on Cray systems, is a type of hypervisor that relies on a microkernel design. It can run on any system with the proper hardware and without virtualization extensions installed. This isn't an issue for modern servers, but most older hardware will have problems with it because it does not support the features Xen needs.

    Xen, version 4.14, has various new security features, including Linux stub domains and new lightweight VM forks to analyze malware. In addition, the live patch feature offers higher-granular control over patching, and support for the hardware-based Control-flow Enforcement Technology Shadow Stack ensures your environments are safe.

    KVM is a Linux-based virtual machine. What's great about it is that it runs off of the Linux kernel; this means that KVM gets updates and bug fixes as soon as they're released, just like any other Linux package.

    KVM Nitro provides isolated compute environments within the same instance. This technology is primarily for security concerns- that's why it's related to data protection.

    This information will help you to understand the difference between KVM and Xen virtualization.