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Which domain is better to get much traffic!


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    If you are not concerned with direct traffic, branding or name recognition, you do not have to worry about this recommendation.
    However, if you are serious about building a successful website in the long run, you should pay attention to using the .com address.
    Many people still think that the .com extension is the only extension that exists.
    I make this recommendation even in light of all the new extensions available in the modern era of the TLD band.
    A site like "ilove.pasta" will unfortunately not be interpreted as a visitable or memorable web address by the overwhelming majority of consumers.


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      Stick with .com.
      Use keywords in your domain name search.
      Keep your domain name short.
      Make it easy to pronounce and spell.
      Keep it unique and brandable.
      Avoid hyphens in domain name.
      Avoid doubled letters.


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        There is always a .com domain best for getting a lot of traffic on your website.

        A .com domain is good from branding point of view because it looks more professional when u have a .com domain.

        Secondly, you should get a SSL certificate so that whenever a visitor comes to your website he/she should feel safe with their privacy protection & will also influence the visitors to also share your blog post because they know that you will not compromise with the privacy of your protection.


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          You should keep below points in your mind while registering your domain:
          1. Your domain should be short
          2. Avoid to use numbers and hypens.
          3. Make it easy to remember
          4. Domain name should be meaning full and can represent your website little bit.
          5. Try to use different extension according to your business like .org, .in, etc.
          With domain name choose best hosting provide who can provide you best platform to host your website. Also don't forget to use SSL for your website to make your visitors experience good and secure.


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            Originally posted by Koleshkumar View Post
            Hello mate,

            I have another queries about choosing domain name. Which domain name is better to get more visitors for the site Premium or Normal domain name?

            Thank you!
            You can choose gTLD domain like .com & .net if you want to expand your business worldwide.

            If you want business in local or any selected country then choose domain as per country specific. Like if you are in United State then you can choose [.com]
            if in United kingdom then [.uk] or in India then choose [.in]

            You can do research on domain name also before buying any.

            Traffic is depend upon lots of things not only domain name.

            If any more question then you can ask me.
            Happy to help you


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              Every business owner is looking for a new way to attract more attention with good domain. Business owners have the ability to not only reach their consumers but also to do it in real-time.