Best Forex VPS for Singapore Traders


Best Forex VPS for Singapore Traders

We’re here to cherish the Best Forex VPS for Singapore Traders and give your trade wings!

We have to agree with the fact that the Forex trade has gloomed so rapidly in the past few years, and this smart business is going to bloom even more in the upcoming time.

Now, when there is so much money in this game, don’t you think the competition is going to rise steeply?

Well, not scaring you, but that’s true!

You need to kiss perfection in this trade if you really want to fill your pockets tightly. Your mind’s sharpness and skills are god-gifted, but what about technology?

You need the right technology to be successful in Forex, and here, we’re talking about a perfect VPS service.

Obviously, it’s ultra-important and something that hinders success if foreseen.

What if we say, Accuweb hosting has started a wonderful Forex VPS service for Singaporean Forex traders?

Yes, That has never happened before! Now, let’s beat the rest of the Forex world together!

Best Forex VPS for Singapore Traders

Forex VPS 1 @ SGD 27.55 Forex VPS 2 @ SGD 44.10
1-2 Terminals 1-4 Terminals
1 vCPU Core 1 vCPU Core
1 GB Guaranteed RAM 2 GB Guaranteed RAM
1 TB Bandwidth 1.5 TB Bandwidth
40 GB High-Speed Storage 60 GB High-Speed Storage
1 IP Address 1 IP Address
99.9% Uptime 99.9% Uptime
All Trading Platforms All Trading Platforms
Easy Upgrades Easy Upgrades
Fully Managed VPS Fully Managed VPS
7 Days Money Back Guarantee 7 Days Money Back Guarantee
Compatible with All Operating Systems Compatible with All Operating Systems
Daily Backups (Available) Daily Backups (Available)


How can the low latency factor support your Forex trade?

Why the majority of the Forex traders running a business with Forex VPS much more successful in comparison to those running without VPS?

Well, there can be several factors, and a big one out of those is latency. Forex VPS (not all of them) highly concentrates on the latency factor, as this particular factor directly affects earning of the Forex trader. Yes, Accuweb counts latency as a priority!

Furthermore, how cool would it be if you’re able to test live latency right from your location? Yes, that’s possible, and once you visit our Accuweb’s Forex VPS page. Just check the latency in Singapore, and you’ll feel it hard to believe; we bet on that!

Not just that, there are 16 locations listed there, and you are free to check the latency as per the desire after conveniently select your Forex Broker in Singapore.

Here are the few forex brokers in Singapore:

Forex Brokers in Singapore Low Latency
OctaFX – Singapore 1 ms – 4 ms
TP Global FX 1 ms – 4 ms
Gmiedge 1 ms – 4 ms
Swissquote 1 ms – 4 ms – Singapore 1 ms – 4 ms


Also, if you’re involved in multi-asset strategies, low latency can seriously support you. The reason for depending on Accuweb Hosting is that you always enjoy full-support from the hosting side while trading Forex, and due to high peace of mind, you can narrow your concentration to your strategies. Isn’t that sweet?


So, how much do you care about your security being a Forex trader? Yes, it’s a money game, and security is a must. Now, you are already running with risk in this particular business, and you can’t afford extra risk and tension regarding safety and security.

No worries, you just keep those concerns on our table, and we’ll never let you bother even a bit. Accuweb’s Forex VPS isn’t just safe, but it’s a service, which has never received any complaint about security. Our sharp team is always backing you!

So, your additional amounts for safety plugins, firewalls, etc., are saved!


Servers have specific RAM, the exact way a computer does. If you’ve acquired a Forex VPS service, then what’s the minimum amount of RAM you’ll need?

In the case of Forex, a trader needs a minimum of 512MB RAM to run MT4, while 256MB RAM to run MT5. Assess your needs and choose a perfect Forex VPS plan to get enough RAM, and further, run your trade smoothly.

While buying a Forex virtual private server, you need to match your requirements of RAM to what the host is offering. Accuweb experts have taken full care of RAM requirements while designing all Forex VPS plans!


Naah Naah, you really don’t need to meet the worries here! Obviously, Forex VPS is a sophisticated sort of hosting (where speed, performance, resources, and especially security are much better than shared hosting). And yes, most of such dedicated Forex VPS hosting services do make you bother about the cost.

However, Accuweb’s plans prove to be the greatest value for money in this particular hosting type in the current market. View the table below, and you won’t be able to resist.

Forex VPS 1 Forex VPS 2 Forex VPS 3 Forex VPS 4
SGD 27.55 SGD 44.10 SGD 88.20 SGD  154.28

Cherish the features of each plan now – TAP HERE!

For those just trying to dip the feet in the Forex trade, we’d recommend not to send big. To motivate you and to be supportive of you, we’ve provided a wonderful basic Forex VPS Singapore plan at just SGD 21.55. Most importantly, this plan doesn’t just cover the basics, but there are several high-end offerings.

With this plan, you enjoy root access, and that’s tough to believe? Also, we’ve added 1 GB Guaranteed RAM, and we’ve also received appreciations for 40 GB RAID6 SSD Storage, which is enough for perfectly laying the foundation of your Forex business. It’s compatible with every single operating system out there.

Talking about the upgrading process, it’s simpler than expected. To meet the expansion of your requirements later on, when your Forex trade blooms, you can conveniently switch to higher plans, which are gain reasonably priced.

What’s there for experienced Forex traders

Accuweb’s Forex VPS Singapore service isn’t concentrated just on the beginners or mid-level traders, but there is more than enough for the big players as well.

It’s obvious that if you’re paying over SGD 100, then you’re a serious player of the game, and your requirements are high. Certainly, you have big goals, and you really don’t want any issue from the hosting side to hinder your pace, right?

If you’re a Forex geek, you need wider access in comparison to the mid-stage traders. Now, as you need high bandwidth/storage, low latency, fully managed services, and overall control, then certainly, your Forex VPS hosting plan needs to be very rich.

Accuweb’s Forex VPS plans for high-end traders cost you SGD 88.20 and SGD 154.28. Now, are you wondering what all you’re getting with these plans? We’d recommend you tap the button below, but before that, we’d say just one thing – you’ll get Forex VPS Singapore plans formulated with heart and soul, especially to meet your needs!

Best Forex VPS for Singapore Traders: Here come those superb plans for Forex geeks!


Forex VPS 3 @ SGD 88.20 Forex VPS 4 @ SGD  154.28
1-6 Terminals 1-8 Terminals
2 vCPU Core 2 vCPU Core
4 GB Guaranteed RAM 8 GB Guaranteed RAM
2 TB Bandwidth 2.5 TB Bandwidth
80 GB High-Speed Storage 160 GB High-Speed Storage
1 IP Address 1 IP Address
99.9% Uptime 99.9% Uptime
All Trading Platforms All Trading Platforms
Easy Upgrades Easy Upgrades
Fully Managed VPS Fully Managed VPS
7 Days Money Back Guarantee 7 Days Money Back Guarantee
Compatible with All Operating Systems Compatible with All Operating Systems
Daily Backups (Available) Daily Backups (Available)


VPS Management

Talking about FOREX VPS hardware, VPS management is the ultimate consideration, and a virtual machine distributes the system resources among every single user on it. VPS management can highly hinder the overall performance and speed, and that’s what you definitely need while trading forex.

Do you really want that to happen with your Forex hosting? Well, you won’t be able to dominate the competition that way. for kissing perfection and success in your Forex trade, you need flawless speed and performance. So, your hosting server should have highly virtualized hardware and maximum system resources.

Choosing server hardware that brings entire isolation from other VM is compulsory. Understand all that, all Forex VPS hosting plans from Accuweb Hosting ensures this convenience. You get 24×7 VPS Monitoring with every single plan, and for that, we’ve received much appreciation.

Best Forex VPS for Singapore Traders: The Conclusion

If you don’t get this specially dedicated Forex VPS, then certainly, you’re missing a bonus in this fierce Forex trading market. This low costing service has got every single bit of thing that you need to run Forex Trade smoothly.

As this VPS plan is strictly designed for Forex, and that too for Singapore locations, we can bet you can’t get anything better than this, and that too at more than double price!

So, the action is needed now! wait no more, and VISIT OUR PAGE!

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