What are the Issues Forex Traders Face when using VPS?

Forex VPS

Time is money, and if you don’t value your time, you might lose your money. Some traders use their computers for Forex trading, while others use Virtual Private Server (VPS), which is one of the best options for faster trading that can ensure that you may stay ahead of your competitors. 

Though using an inefficient Forex VPS for trading may cause issues for Forex traders, this can be avoided if you get a great VPS network to ensure hassle-free and smooth operations. 

So, if you already are engaged in Forex trading or may be considering embarking on this path, you should first know about the issues that traders face when using Forex VPS –

  • Risk of Getting Hacked

A low-budget VPS can only promise weak security; any unauthorized person or hacker can breach your server and obtain Distributed Denial-of-Service (DDOS). The hackers will misuse this vulnerability and may send unwanted traffic to the server to slow it down or lose connection.

  • Weak Security:

Failing to secure the Forex VPS with a strong password can make it an easy target for the hackers, who can then mess with it, and you can end up losing your invested money. So, to keep your trade or data secure, you have to set a strong password for your VPS by setting a strong password. Always use a combination of letters, numeric and special characters, such as Test#34dfg@exe5665.

  • Slow Loading Speed:

While trading, you need a fast server to ensure uninterrupted communication with your broker. Even a slight delay in your order processing while you buy or sell a position can end up causing a massive loss. So, your Forex VPS server mustn’t have any speed issues while you trade.

  • Poor Support Service:

A reliable and 24×7 support service is a foundation for successful Forex trading. A VPS can face various issues such as slow speed, network problems, or being disconnected from the server, to name a few. In case of any of these problems, you need a support team, and fast! So, when purchasing a Forex VPS, don’t forget to check the quality of service provided by your hosting provider’s support team. 

  • Downtime:

There is no way that a provider can guarantee 100.00% uptime, so when a hosting provider promises this number, be careful because it is virtually impossible. However, facing too much downtime will be a problem for you while Forex trading. So, while buying a hosting service, you should consider a hosting provider offering actual/ believable uptime figures that are high yet achievable. 


How to get Uninterrupted and Secure Forex Trading?

You must select the best Forex VPS from a trusted hosting service to avoid major issues amid your trading.

How to choose the best Forex VPS?

It would be best if you considered the following aspects when getting a Forex VPS –

  • Firewall:

When choosing a Forex VPS, you must consider if your hosting provider can secure your data. AccuWeb Hosting provides you complete security with Microsoft Windows Firewall, so you don’t have to worry about the risk of getting hacked. We can also install antivirus tools like ClamWin with every VPS server without the additional cost.

  • High Speed:

High loading speed is vital in Forex trading because if your network speed is low, it might be difficult to buy and sell positions quickly, and you may miss the opportunity to make a profit. You can choose a hosting provider like AccuWeb for a high-speed network; our Hyper-V servers come with a 1 Gbps port speed.

  • 24/7 Live Support:

For Forex VPS hosting, we offer support via email, phone calls, live chat, or tickets. So, if you face any problem, we can help you resolve it. 

  • Fully-Managed Services:

When it comes to VPS, sometimes it is not easy to manage everything yourself. But fortunately, we offer you fully-managed services with the VPS hosting, so you can entirely concentrate on Forex trading and leave the responsibility of efficiently running the network behind the scenes and maintaining it to prevent any issues. In addition, we offer 24/7 support with our Forex experts, proactive server management, 24/7 server monitoring, and the installation of third-party tools.

  • Complimentary Backup:

When buying any Forex VPS, you should consider the data backup option with the plan and assess the best backup plans for the services. You can check our plans with backup services; we provide complimentary backup with the Denver and London location. In addition, we backup your data every week to restore your entire VPS, which can be a great option if you lose data due to any reason.

  • Low Latency VPS:

Latency is another prominent factor when you choose a VPS for Forex trading. If you want faster and more efficient trading, you should choose low latency Forex VPS. We provide more than 16+ locations for VPS, so you can choose a location nearest to your broker to execute your trading faster. 


Forex trading is highly popular nowadays, so if you want to profit and be ahead of your competitors, you should use Forex VPS for faster and smooth trading. It is best to go for a VPS with a faster SSD drive and low latency VPS location nearest your broker’s server location. Forex VPS also needs high uptime to ensure uninterrupted trading. Thus, you must select a hosting service provider like AccuWeb Hosting, which ensures all these features with the Forex VPS plans so that your entire focus can be trading. Thus, while you make profits, we will work to ensure that your servers run with lightning speed.

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