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What is a ‘404 Error’, and Why Does it Occur?

One of the most common errors you may encounter while browsing the internet is the 404 error. Unfortunately, this code has become one of the most recognizable errors on the internet. This error is so common that even websites use costume designs to show 404 pages, so whenever visitors face this error, they can see that custom 404 page!

When Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP) standard response code indicates the requested server cannot be found, it shows a 404 error. However, there can be numerous other causes for this error, such as when the server refuses to reveal the requested information or when the content has been removed.

This error also might happen if one of your blog post URLs is misspelled; all visitors who hit that link will be directed to a 404 page instead of your blog or post link. 

According to the Google report, a 404 error does not negatively impact your website in search ranking. But yes, losing your website traffic and potential customers due to the 404 error can lead to a lower search ranking. So it’s worth fixing!

404 error is one of the most negative and harmful issues for your website as it impacts your website in numerous ways. You lose not only search rankings and backlinks but also important traffic, visitors, and potential customers.

As a result, ignoring the 404 error may become a huge mistake for you when there are numerous solutions to redirect your 404-page traffic. 

Various reasons for 404 error


As discussed before, there are many reasons that 404 error may occur; for example –

    • Visitors may type the wrong URL to browse or misspell the URLs. Hence, the page searched does not match exactly with any URL and shows a 404 error.
    • The request is denied by filtering configuration.
    • The page does not load properly; however, we can rectify it easily by refreshing the page and pressing the F5 button. 
    • Sometimes the 404 error might emerge for the simple reason that the page did not load properly. Which also can be checked easily by refreshing the page.
    • Losing website content because of website transfer may cause a 404 error
    • Also, after updating the blog title, sometimes you may have to change the URL. At that time, all visitors who click on an old URL from a search result or a social network will find a 404 error because of uploaded blogs or posts. You can fix this problem by redirecting the old URL to the new URL.

Plugins for Redirecting 404 Error Pages in WordPress

  • Various plugins are available in WordPress; you can simply use these plugins and redirect your 404-pages.
  • You can deliver the best user experience without harming your search rankings by redirecting your 404 pages.
  • By redirecting your 404 error pages, you’re sending users to a new “working” page and informing search engine crawlers about the new location of that page.


1. “All 404 Redirect to Homepage” Plugin

The All 404 plugin can fix all random links that may appear on your websites and redirect them to the Homepage. This plugin is quite different from other plugins as it does not redirect manually by creating individual URLs. Instead, it works by redirecting all of the 404 pages of your site to your Homepage. Therefore, anyone encountering a broken link to your website will be redirected to the Homepage rather than the 404 error page.

How to Use All 404 Redirect to Homepage Plugin?

  • First, install and activate the All 404 Redirect to Homepage plugin.
  • Go to the setting page of the All 404 Redirect to the Homepage.
  • Now, set the redirection status to Enable, and enter your homepage URL in the ‘Redirect all 404 pages to‘ option. 
  • Lastly, click on the Update option to save the changes.

2. “Redirection” Plugin

Redirection is one of the most famous plugins, with more than 2 million active installs. For the WordPress redirection manager, you can set up 301 redirects and keep track of 404 errors, which reduces errors and enhances your site ranking. 

The Redirection Plugin is free and makes it easy to redirect traffic to a new URL from broken links. In addition, you can set up a conditional redirect that helps direct the visitors to another page by fixing certain criteria. redirect-to-goal

3. “All-in-One SEO” Plugin

All in One SEO is the plugin for redirecting your users from old to new URLs as it comes with a redirection manager to manage 301 redirects and tracks the 404 error to fix dead-ends. 

This plugin automatically sends users from old URLs to new URLs, even in search engines, to help you avoid losing your traffic because of such errors. Furthermore, in the All in One SEO, you can manually add source URLs and target URLs easily. 

You can use automatic redirect features to confirm your users and the search engines find your new content whenever you delete a post or modify the URL. So it redirects your user and helps in growing website traffic and improving search engine ranking.

Other Plugins to Manage 404 Error in WordPress


SeedProd is one of the best landing page builders for creating various landing pages such as the 404 page, coming soon, maintenance mode, thank you pages, etc. In addition, SeedProd is one of the easy-to-use page builders that you can use to build your WordPress custom theme header, footers, etc. 

This plugin has its growing library with about 200+ WordPress pre-built themes, templates, etc.; you do not even require to know any coding knowledge to use it.

404 Page Plugin

Last but not least is the 404 Page Plugin used to build custom 404 pages, though it does not offer redirection. But, as you know, 404 error pages are usually dull and look boring, so the 404 Page Plugin allows selecting a page from your WordPress website and using it as a 404 page, or you can use it to improve the 404 templates file.

Wrapping Up! 

So, in WordPress, you can use plugins to fix each redirection error rather than addressing each issue one by one. Even without any technical expertise, you may use these plugins to improve your website’s user experience and optimize your search engine ranking by redirecting broken links to related links or redirecting all 404 errors to the Homepage.

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