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Data Center Facility in Amsterdam

Data Center facility in Amsterdam
  • Two 25-ton HVAC Systems
  • One 40-ton HVAC Systems
  • Raised Static-Proof Flooring
  • In Floor Ventilation
  • Multiple Cabling for 1Gb/s Networking
  • Dual Fire Suppression
  • UPS & Natural Gas Generators
  • Climate Controlled Server Rooms
Power facility in Amsterdam Data Center


The Amsterdam data center is designed to an N+1 standard or greater for both power and cooling infrastructure and is backed by AccuWebHosting’s 100% SLA uptime guarantee.


AccuWebHosting's data center in Amsterdam maintains a consistent environment with sophisticated temperature and humidity controls plus a proactive fire detection and suppression system to protect your most vital infrastructure.

Environmental Facility in Amsterdam Data Center
Security System in Amsterdam Data Center


Our Amsterdam Data center facility is located in a building that has 24x7 on site security. After business hours, all individuals entering or exiting the building are required to present building credentials and sign in with onsite security staff. Additionally, data center has own security system which consists of access control systems within office suite and remotely monitored video surveillance.

Fire Detection and Suppression

Fire detection within the data center is provided by an early detection alarm system monitored both within office suite and by the building's 24x7 security staff.. The data center has detectors installed both above and below the raised flooring. The fire suppression system is a pre-action, dry pipe which would discharge water only from the appropriate locations when the heat in the data center increases enough to trigger a fire sprinkler head. The discharge of a sprinkler would signal the emergency power-off switch, which would simultaneously turn off the commercial electrical power to the data center and switch to UPS power.

Fire Detection and Suppression in Amsterdam Data Center Facility
Edge and Core Infrastructure in Amsterdam Facility

Edge and Core Infrastructure

Our network is powered by a pair of redundant Juniper routers and Cisco switches. All of our edge and core equipment is interconnected in a full network mesh to provide maximum redundancy and scalability. Internally, our network operates at 2.5Gb/sec.

Intrusion Detection / Network Security

Our entire network is protected by a pair of redundant, inline TopLayer IPS 5500-1000 units. The TopLayer IPS 5500 series provide protection against malicious content through advanced IPS technology, against undesired access through stateful firewall filtering, and against rate-based attacks through DDoS mitigation. Moreover, the TopLayer IPS 5500s are the only intrusion system protection to ever receive a coveted double NSS approved award in a single test.

Initial configurations included with Windows VPS
Initial configurations included with Windows VPS

IP Transit / Connectivity

We have fully burstable 1Gb/sec connections to TimeWarner Telecom and Level3. Additionally,Qwest and MCI/Verzion Business are both available.


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