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A game development company, focusing on motivating individuals to learn languages over multiple years, offering an engaging product that aim to show the incredible power of language.


One of our clients had hosted his website with GoDaddy and wanted to switch his whole cPanel account to AccuWebhosting. cPanel transfer tool provides the easiest method for this kind of migration. But, we came to know that the client had a shared hosting service at GoDaddy and they don't offer a cPanel transfer tool for shared service for such migration. The whole issue started from here. The only option available was the manual migration of data viz. Web-content and Databases etc using FTP. As you know that the manual migration is always challenging and it requires a very high level of accuracy. Following section will tell you that how did we resolve it.


Spanish Character filenames issue:

Alternative languages to English often cause unpredictable problems. In this case, various Spanish characters within files were generating "failed to open" errors during the FTP transferal process. To usually manage this, it is often advisable to use a compressed archive, or ZIP file. However, complicating the problem was the realization that the multitude of content files would not easily and simply compress into a singular ZIP file, as many of these content files weighed in at too many megabytes. To ultimately resolve this conundrum, we performed a process by which we created multiple ZIP files, splitting the content across said files, before finally reassembling them back into a unified ZIP file after the transferal process was completed.

Connectionstring issue:

Because of this migration process, there were several pages with manual connection strings, which due to the migration were no longer working. To mitigate this, our expert technicians trawled through the multitude of files to update the relevant connection strings which were causative in the failure of many pages to actually load.

Redirection issue:

Additionally, the client also managed an add-on domain,, which happened to be hosted within the same WordPress account. This domain was not working, due to defective redirection rules in the WP Admin configuration. Thus, our team undertook several fixes, correcting the defective rules, thus fixing these issues.

Google Apps issue:

Finally, this client also maintained a separate email service plan at GoDaddy, powered with the Google Apps environment. Following the migration, these Google Apps failed to work, and bounce-back emails began to be received. This was ultimately due to the DNS server (nameservers) changes, and to fix these, it was necessitated that the Google Apps MX records be added to our DNS servers, in order to ensure that the required Google Apps would remain fully functional.

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