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A nationwide network of independent family lawyers developed a low-cost 'white label' divorce document preparation service. It can effectively assist ...

Mickey Shannon
VPS restored from Kernel & Boot partition

MICKEY SHANNON Photography is running online home of open edition and luxurious limited edition fine art prints of nature and landscape photos. They a...

Data Backup
Setting up Automated SQL Database Backup without compromising server performance

Client is running an industry infosystems on our Windows SSD VPS Plans from the last 2 years. He is running various applications based on IIS and MSSQ...


A game development company, focusing on motivating individuals to learn languages over multiple years, offering an engaging product that aims to show ...


Allset Travel strives to make bucket list events, both affordable and enjoyable. Their laudable goal is to bring people together and facilitate experi...

MSSQL Database Server
MSSQL Database Server collation change to Modern_Spanish_CI_AS

Client is running an engineering and logistic service. They execute projects safely, meeting quality standards and delivery times, providing the guara...

Website Migration with Web-content
Complete Windows Website Migration with Web-content, Database and SSL Certificate

Client runs a business to manufacture and distribute Real Estate Sign Posts, Yard Posts, Frames, Sign Hardware etc. Their purpose is to help Real...

Hyper-V management
Setting up Failover Cluster for Active-Passive Microsoft SQL Server & Hyper-V management

Arcadium is one of the best Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems in the world. It interacts with your existing and potential clients, and it...

Build & Sell Forex VPS Hosting
Setting up Cluster of Dedicated Servers for a Forex Trading Training Institute to Build & Sell Forex VPS Hosting

The client runs online forex trading training institute. They provide standard education to those who aspire to become successful traders. Various cou...

Configured CDN Resource for Website
Configured CDN Resource for Website

This client provides large and complex software for businesses to match the best in the industry. Their team is handling multiple projects in developm...

Email Messages getting blocked
Email Messages getting blocked at Microsoft Hosted Mailboxes

The client has been running an industry infosystems on our Windows SSD VPS Plans from the last 2 years. He is running various applications based on II...

Migrate 10+ e-commerce websites
Migrate 10+ e-commerce websites without any downtime for emails, website and databases

Michael is one of our oldest clients who is developing renowned e-commerce websites, branding and logo design, search engine optimization service, web...