Configured CDN Resource for Website

Case Study

About the Project

Location : Coimbatore, India
Service Sector : Software Service

This client provides large and complex software for businesses to match the best in the industry. Their team is handling multiple projects in development platforms. They also work in handling various phases of projects like risk identification and mitigation, maintenance of several levels of detailed documentation, etc.

They also work with clients across the world either directly or through their partners, making the best use of communication technologies.


The client has purchased our CDN service, but somehow he wasn't able to configure it properly on his website. He was facing issues to create CDN resources after that website was not able to run with CDN.

CDN is the service that allows your static content to run from the nearest geolocation, and it helps you to improve your website performance.


CDN allows your website to load faster at the client end by providing static content like the image from the nearest geo-location.

(1) Create CDN Resources :

Before integrating CDN on your website, you need to create CDN resource. It is a CNAME record that you will need to put inside DNS. It was created by us using our knowledgebase and added the CNAME record to his DNS.

(2) CORS Setting in IIS :

In IIS, the resource was not set up to CORS compliant. We have set an HTTP response header in IIS to fix the Access-Control-Allow-Origin.

Cross-origin resource sharing (CORS) solved the issue that prevented sharing web services or resources between sites and edge servers.

(3) Modified Web.config :

Though we don't provide any coding support, our team dug this further and made a few changes in the web config file, which fixed their issue finally.


Client had verified his data at his end after completion of all the 3 steps mentioned in solution. He was ok with that and changed the nameserver of his website to point his new VPS. After nameserver migation website was up and running fine.