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    Hello everyone, please let me know How to Use LiteSpeed Crawler

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    The LiteSpeed Crawler is a fusion of the LiteSpeed Cache plugin designed to enhance your website's performance. This intelligent crawler navigates through your site, refreshing cached pages to minimize visitor waiting times effectively!

    How Does it Work?

    On a cached page devoid of crawlers, visitors engage in website activities, and the entire sequence gets recorded on the server for a specific duration until the cache is regenerated. This process can consume significant bandwidth and result in prolonged loading times.

    On the other hand, the LiteSpeed Cache crawler is built to understand what's happening on a webpage quickly. This means the webpage doesn't have to be saved on the server, which saves space. As a result, the cache only shows the latest version of the webpage.

    Utilizing the LiteSpeed Crawler involves a straightforward process. Here's a step-by-step guide to get you started:

    Install LiteSpeed Cache Plugin: Ensure the LiteSpeed Cache plugin is installed & activated on your WordPress website. Locate and install it from the WordPress Plugin repository.

    Access LiteSpeed Cache Settings: Once the plugin is installed, sign in to your WordPress dashboard and find LiteSpeed Cache settings. You'll usually find this under the "LiteSpeed Cache" tab in the admin menu.

    Enable Crawler: In LiteSpeed Cache settings, find the crawler section. It might be labeled as "Crawler" or "Crawl Settings." Toggle the appropriate option to enable the crawler.

    Configure Crawler Settings: Tailor the crawler settings to your preferences. You can set crawl frequency, page types, and other parameters that influence your site's crawler's work.

    Start the Crawler: After configuring settings, initiate the crawler by clicking "Start Crawler" or a similar button. The crawler will analyze pages, update cached versions, and enhance your site's performance.

    Monitor Crawler Progress: Use the provided dashboard or section in the LiteSpeed Cache plugin to track the crawler's progress. Stay informed about crawled pages, recent crawls, and potential issues.

    Review and Optimize:Once the crawl is complete, assess the results.
    Check for errors or unexpected behavior. Based on your findings, adjust settings if needed to optimize the crawler's performance.

    Enjoy Enhanced Performance: LiteSpeed Crawler's maintenance of updated cached versions will improve your website's performance. Visitors will enjoy faster loading times and a smoother browsing experience.