Dear Cheryl:

ANS: 1.
Yes, we support all the requirements of INVESION BOARD 2.0 as mentioned by you above. You need to signup for any of our linux hosting plans found at . You will find pricing information, space available and bandwidth information on above url.

2. Would you be able to transfer our site for us? What is the charge, if any?
--- I will need your existing hosting account information before I reply your question.

3. Do you have an uptime guarantee?
--- Yes, 99.93%

4. Do you have a money back guarantee if we are not satisfied with service?
--- Yes, we offer 90 days money back guarantee.

5. Do you have technical support available 24/7? How quickly do you respond if I have a technical issue?
--- Yes, technical support is available 24 X 7.

6. What is your server load?
--- Normally it is below 3% of total capacity at anytime.

7. Can you provide me with references from current customers?
--- According to our NDA agreement with the customer, we cannot publish their information without their permission.