What are the components of Joomla?


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  • Christian J
    • Sep 2022
    • 82

    What are the components of Joomla?


    I recently started learning Joomla and don't know much about it. I admire any help you can provide.

    Can anyone explain what are the components in Joomla?
  • Rex Maughan
    Senior Member
    • Mar 2022
    • 105

    Hello Christian J,

    Firstly, let's discuss what Joomla means and what it's used for.

    So, Joomla is a user-friendly, free content management system (CMS) solution helping web developers create and manage their websites. Joomla is a powerful web development tool/software used for the creation of CMS websites.

    The Joomla component is one of the main building blocks of your Joomla system. When you just installed the Joomla system on your website, it consists of default components. If you like to add some cool extra features to your default Joomla website, you will have to download and install extra components for the same.

    Extra components are developed and distributed by the 3-rd party developers, not by the Joomla production team.

    Now, we will examine the components used in Joomla.

    Default components of Joomla:

    FrontPage component: It displays the contents on the front page.

    WebLinks: It is a component where users can configure different link categories and add items to each category.

    Banners: It allows the Joomla website to create and display banners for advertising purposes.

    Search: The search component empowers the search module.

    Tags: It allows articles to be tagged and viewed through these tags.

    3rd Party Components of Joomla:

    JFBConnect: It allows you to register users on your Joomla website using their Facebook username and password.

    HikaShop: It is used to create a shop and shopping cart and other eCommerce functionality on your Joomla website.

    XCloner: It allows you to back up and restore your Joomla website.

    Image Gallery Components: numerous image gallery components exist for Joomla

    sh404SEF: It is used for creating Search Engine Friendly (URLs) for your Joomla content. Also, it has numerous functions related to SEO techniques.

    AkeebaBackup: It will assist you with backup or restoring functions to your Joomla website.

    I hope the above information will make your understanding clear about Joomla components.

    Rex Maughan
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