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Not able to send emails from Plesk


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  • Not able to send emails from Plesk


    I don't know why but I am not able to send emails from Plesk.

    Is there anyone who can help me to resolve this issue or any suggestions for this?

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    First you need to ensure that your Hosting provider has blocked port 25 ? And one more thing, as per my knowledge, and this problem is likely related to SMTP server. The internet Services providers may also apply restrictions on port 25 because of some security concerns.

    And If that is the reason You can also run a Telnet test to see if the port 25 is blocked or not.
    You need to follow some steps to perform the Telnet test.
    • Open a command prompt.
    • Type in ""telnet <IP ADDRESS OF SERVER PC> <PORT>"" and press enter.
    • If you see the below output then the port is open.
    • > telnet 1**.1**.3.1** 25
    • Trying 1**.1**.3.1**...
    • Connected to 1**.1**.3.1**.
    • Escape character is '^]'
    • If you see the below output then the port is blocked.
    • > telnet 1**.1**.3.1** 25 25
    • Trying 1**.1**.3.1** 25...
    • telnet: Unable to connect to remote host: Connection refused

    You can checkout some simple below steps in order to open port 25 if it is not blocked by the Hosting provider.
    So, there are some following steps, via you can open port 25 by yourself.
    • First, Open the control panel and select ‘windows defender firewall’.
    • Now, A window will pop up and select ‘advanced settings.
    • Here, you will get another window in which click on "Inbound traffic".
    • Select the new rule from the right-hand side.
    • then you will see the list and select port.
    • in which you need to select TCP and enter port 25 in ''Local specific port"
    • Select the button""allow connection""
    • Here you need to keep in mind to check all the domains and click the next button while applying this.
    • you can also give a name of your own choice to remember for the next time.

    Now, I think You may send or receive emails, By performing the above process.